Join us for a TechMas themed hackday!On December 19th, a geeky, Make Magazine-style crafting and wrapping and upcycling/recycling event.  Build stuff you can take home to admire, or build that last moment gift!

Sunday December 19th,
1112 2nd street NW (use the side door)
Suggested Donation, $5 for non members.

Bring whatever crafting supplies you think might be handy. This can include obsolete hardware, cd’s, dvd’s, papers, colorful cables wires, lenses, markers, glue, tape, and whatnot!

(Image via BoingBoing)

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  1. Adric says:

    Well TechMas was a good success! I plan to post some photos I took along with a little recap. I’m hoping some folks who also took photos will link them!

    That was alot of fun! Thank you to all whom attended!

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