Learn what your high-tech phone display has in common with a pickle!

As Adric mentioned a couple of days ago, we’re celebrating LED month with a special event, Explore LEDs: LEDs as Art and Science. Come see our LED projects, including a LED soil moisture sensor we’ve been developing in conjunction with a local farm cooperative and, as recently featured on Hack a Day, the LED player piano!

Want to work on your own LED project? We’ll teach you how to make magnetic LEDs (aka throwies) and LED jewelry you can take home with you. Materials provided!

For those who (like us), can’t get enough of LEDs, local LED vendors LED to the Light will be there to provide you with all your LED needs.

Saturday, January 29th at 6 PM @ Quelab
1112 2nd St. NW
Materials provided!

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5 Responses to Saturday, January 29th – Explore LEDs: LEDs as Art and Science

  1. nan says:

    Is there a chance this project will repeat? I super want to do this but am out of town that day…. sad face.

  2. Adric says:

    Nan, not intending to repeat it specifically, but for a good preview sunday the 23rd we will be finishing up project ideas during our regularly scheduled hacnkight and tuesday will as well be that and some cleanup and prep for the party!

    February, i think is magnet/attraction month, and March i think we have loosely agreed to be The March of the Robots! All of these we plan to have a big expo/party at the end of the month.

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