I hope myself or one of the rest of us is able to adequately express the gratitude and joy that seeing Quelab visited by such numbers of people, and seeing so many people get engaged and inspired and having fun!

Thank you all! Quelab is proud to be part of this great community. Hope to see many of you back to do what spaces like this do best. Get people and tools Together to make dreams come true.

Here are some photos Taken by the Quelab Camera Yesterday.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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Join Quelab at our Grand Opening celebration, Saturday 3 May 2014 from 10am – 6pm. This all-ages, free event will showcase the creativity and potential of Albuquerque’s Makers and Hackers and show off to the public the Makerspace where it can all happen.

In our six-thousand square-foot area, where you can discover what your neighbours and friends are making and building.  Join us for some collaborative art projects, a live mural painting, tours and demos of the space, and live performances.

This is a free event, and we will be selling tokens for the various hands-on workshops for $2 per a token (some workshops may take multiple tokens). You will be able to pre-register for both the event and workshops on eventbrite.com, but advance tickets are not required.

There will also be food trucks on-hand for your refreshment needs, including the Toasted Bean and Boiler Monkey.

Eventbrite - Quelab Grand Opening

James Carlson – President of the School Factory, INC
Join us for our Keynote Address and Ribbon Cutting; Presented by the School Factory, our fiscal sponsor, James Carlson will speak about the dynamic power of hackerspaces and non-traditional education.

Performances by the Albuquerque Aerialist Collective and Improv comedy by Blackout Theater will take place throughout the day on our main stage. Other speakers will be scheduled throughout the day giving informal 5-minute talks about what it is about making things that energizes their creativity

Demos of our tools and guided tours of the space will be scheduled all day, and our members will be giving small workshops as well. Some of the workshops planned are:

  • Mousetrap Racers
  • Non-Newtonian Fluids
  • Bottlecap Candles
  • Sticky-Note Mural
  • People-Powered Parade
  • Learn to Solder
  • Make your own Simon Says Game

Materials fees are extra for the workshops, so don’t forget to buy your workshop materials tokens for $2 each at the door, or through eventbrite.


  • Junkado People Powered Parade
  • Albuquerque Aerialist Collective
  • Blackout Theatre
  • New Mexico Lego User’s Group
  • ABQ Maker Faire
  • Wells Park Neighbourhood Association
  • City of Albuquerque
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Coming soon to Quelab are two classes on making your own things.

[Geoff] will be teaching a class on making your own screen printed t-shirt, bag, or tote. On 19 April, from noon-2pm, we’ll teach you how to do it, and we’ll supply the paints. You’ll leave with something you screen printed yourself and the know-how to do it again on your own. Bring something you’d like to screen print and an idea of a single-color design you’d like print, and we’ll provide the rest.

Screenprinting Basics powered by Eventbrite

[Adric] will be teaching you about making handmade holograms. On 20 April from 4-6pm, he will teach you some of the basics of holograms and reflection, and then we will discuss the concept of abrasion holograms. And then you will make a few!

Our Hand Drawn holograms are sunlight visible (no need for special lasers). However, they do require a pinpoint lightsource to view well, so they may not show up well inside (sort of like many classic foil holograms). They may not have the same level of detail as foil holograms, but you will be able to transfer a 3d geometric shape onto clear plastic, then see that object float in the plastic and allow you to see around it from side to side. Each person will be able to make several holograms, and we will send you home with the tools required.

Hand Drawn Holograms powered by Eventbrite


Following up on the Rocket Mass Heater class which we hosted in collaboration with ABQ Old School, here are the photos from the class. We had fifteen people show up to hear the basic theory on making Rocket Mass Heaters, and get some hands-on time with the materials.

On the first day, Brett gave us hands-on experience with the J-Tube concept, and the physics of lateral burning; and on the second day we got muddy mixing cob adobe.

Rocket Stove

Folks looking for pointers and help on how to build a rocket mass heater are suggested to check out the RMH forums at both permies.com and donkey32.proboards.com, or to reach out Brett.

And without further blathering, here are the pictures!

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Greetings! The Quelab general meeting is scheduled for Sunday 6 April 2014 at 4 PM.

Please bring something for the potluck at 4PM, and we’ll start the meeting at 4:30PM. If there is anything you would like to discuss at the meeting, bring it up to one of the officers, and we’ll put it on the agenda

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Howdy all,
Greg here, to tell you about the next 2 Quelab events this week.

Tuesday, (25 March @ 8:30pm) – Come to hacknight on Tuesday to hear all about the plans for the Official Quelab Grand Opening event. The event is planned for May 2-3 and we’re looking for your help. We need people to run workshops, decorate the space, and spread the word through their own personal networks. On Tuesday night you can hear all about the relevant details and sign up to help. You need not be a member to help out.

Wednesday, (26 March @7-9pm) – Back by popular demand, I’ll be teaching another Spray Painting Space Scenes workshop. Sign up via this Event Bright link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/painting-space-scenes-registration-9451598987?aff=fb. Check out the the Quelab flicker feed from the previous class. You can see everyone is having an AWESOME time! http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?m=pool&w=1645712%40N24&q=spraypaint

And of course there are many other projects in the works:
– Aquaponics groups meetings
– Tetroon build
– Photography project: “Facial hair of Quelab”
– 3-D printer
– New Laser cutter installation
– and much, much more!

See you in the space!
-Greg, Quelab Prez


Greetings everyone; the Tsar of Maintenance here…

Quelab is not closing for good, but we do have to close the space temporarily for a few days in the first week of April. As part of the work that our landlord originally scheduled for November (before we were supposed to be moved in) we were going to have the tile floors in the lab cleaned and sealed…they’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

This means we have to remove everything from the floor in these rooms so the contractor can come in and work on the floors. Then we can’t walk on them for a day or two while the sealant cures. The rooms affected will be 1, 49, the Core, the Kitchen, the hallways, and the bathrooms. Since this covers our exterior doors and most of the lab space itself, we have no choice but to close while this is done.

To this end, Quelab will be closed from 2 April until 4 April (the week before the general meeting). Additionally, we will need help at the hacknights on 1 April and 30 March to move all of the contents of these rooms out to make space for the workers, and then help again before the general meeting on 6 April to put everything back.

Sign up to help with the moving in the linked gDoc, and in the words of Douglas Adams “we apologize for the inconvenience”.

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Quelab, in association with ABQ Old School, would like to announce a class taking place this weekend and next in the Shipyard (Workshop), a how-to and hands-on class on building a Rocket Mass heater. This two part class on 22 and 29 March, from 9a-12p each day, will teach the design and construction of a rocket mass heater.

Rocket mass heaters have gained a considerable following from permaculture practitioners, homesteaders, and individuals wishing to build their own fireplace from locally sourced materials and avoid contributing to the fossil fuel and fracking industry. A rocket mass heater is a modification of a rocket stove that passes the flue gas through a large thermal bench. The term rocket in the name comes from the fact that it sounds like a rocket! It can be used to heat homes, greenhouses, and other places needing a warm touch.

Go visit ABQ Old School to learn more about the class and register to attend.

See you on Saturday!

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For those of you who didn’t make the general meeting on the second, Quelab has received a donation of a Laser Cutter! Based on our original expectations, it looked like a Full Spectrum laser, but on further research, it turns out it’s actually from g.Wilkie.

Got a computer.

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I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 6 in a 5 part series.

These events took place… oh, I don’t remember when they took place.

Read Part 1 of this seriespart 2, part 3, part 4, or part 5 if you missed them.

Yes, you read that correctly: “part 6 in a 5 part series”.

Once upon a time (well, back in part 2 of this series), I said “take notes & lots of pictures when you do something like this… it will pay off in the end”.  This article drives that point home. You see, I was all happy.  I had finished a project!  That’s always good news, and gives one the warm fuzzies.  But little did I know…

A little while later (I don’t remember, could have been days, could have been weeks… this post has been put off for various reasons, and I finally decided to bite the bullet today & get it posted), two different people commented to me that the foosball table wasn’t right.  That maybe they thought I had put it together wrong?

I thought: “c’mon!  It’s a foosball table, how could I have put it together wrong?!?”  Well, they were right: I had put the table together wrong… I inserted the rods on the wrong side, so the handles were controlling the wrong guys.

Here is the photo proof:

Compare this shot from the day I purchased the machine & delivered it to Quelab:


And this shot, the day I had reassembled the table with all new guys:2013-11-29_17-36-41_451

The handles ARE on the wrong side. I can’t believe I made such a simple (yet serious) mistake!

Thanks to everyone that realized it… I am not sure I ever would have realized the problem, just thought something was odd with the table.

I have been unable to upload pictures to the blog, so I cannot show you the table with the correct setup.  Here is a link to pics on flickr, though: The incorrect layout versus the correct layout.  The side with the goal return should be controlling the red team, not the blue team.

The only upgrade I have thought about for the table is upgrading the ball return.  Currently both goals return the ball to same side of the table, the red team, and I think each goal should return to a different side of the table.  If we ever get around to that, I’ll be sure to create a new post about it.

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