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 +==== Location: ====
 +The [[http://​sfcomplex.org|Santa Fe Complex]] (confirmed) Address is, 624 Agua Fria St (easy walk from the Railyard Railrunner)
 +Railrunner, #504 will get us up there around then. [[http://​www.nmrailrunner.com/​schedule_weekend.asp|Schedule/​info]]
 +==== Time: ====
 +==== Agenda ====
 +==== Notes ====
 +Meeting was at the SF Complex, Started with a nice little tour, then got down to talking with Sean(? I'm bad with names).
 +SF Complex specific stuff,
 +    * Their monthly rent is in the $10,000 range. Wowzers!
 +    * They are successfully landed some Economic stimulus and  economic development/​entrepreneur funding through their city council ​ will cover roughly 60% operating costs for the first year or so
 +    * they are looking at ways that group projects benefit the whole  group, 10% project revenue garnish? shares in projects? exit buyout ​ bonuses?
 +    * Strong interest in incubating ideas and then getting them bought to bring in the needed revenue to keep the place going.
 +Generic info/​helpfull ideas,
 +    * Book Titled '​Sociocracy'​ (Dutch?) for how they get much of their management ideas.
 +    * SF complex is interested in some sort of exchange/​traveling ​ pass system, we may want to see if we can get other hackerspaces into  the idea, so you can always have a home away from home in a hacker ​ space.
 +    * Thinkabout how to make invitees fell welcome, and get them hooked by including them on group projects
 +    * hire Grant writers, and book keepers
 +    * possible membership idea, pay for a year in advance, and get a  refund, for the months you actually use the place (kinda backwards, but  you can see it as using and working there as benefiting the whole
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