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January Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 06 January 2019


  • 5:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 6:00 pm Community Meeting

1. Board Report

  • Met today, had quorum with 5 members
  • Charlie Fullerton has volunteered to be Electronics Area Captain
  • Charlie & John M. to talk with member Bill to discuss eletronics upgrades with the MachineShop
  • On schedule with an upgrade to the RFID y Ray Finch - Ray reported he has hardware on hand and is writing firmware
  • Consolidating the bank accounts
  • Board of Directors Election to happen in February (details below)

2. Officer Reports

  • President's Report
    • took Q&A from the people present
  • Treasurer's report
    • Checking: $11,786
    • Saving: $4,047
    • Amazon Smile: this last report showed $300+ whereas before we have gotten typically $30 - $50 per quarter
    • Banking accounts will change this month or next (wanted to do it start of fiscal year)
  • Education: position currently vacant
  • Events Officer: position currently vacant
  • Membership: position currently vacant
    • JT Reporting
      • 94 members
      • 32 sustaining annual (29 sus, 2 associate) - last month was 21 annual members
      • 50 sustaining, 6 associate
      • 7 students
  • Outreach: Charel Morris
  • Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
    • want to do a blog post soon of quelab members for plans in 2019, Approach Rebecca after the meeting
    • MMF in April (see below)
  • Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
    • Geoff N. instigated a new donation from a federal office in Los Lunas.
    • Not a whole lot useful - keyboards & mice, some small flatscreens, some CRT stuff that was disposed of
    • Since Geoff initiated it, I didn’t want to say no when I probably would have otherwise, and the concern that it could lead to future donations
  • Facilities: John Murray
    • Nothing to report this month
  • Rental: Darren Moody
    • Nothing to report this month
  • Area Captains
    • 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
      • The Prusa I3 is still down, parts on en route
      • Morgan reports that the Delta works okay, and the Z axis was not skipping
    • Arcade - Troy Ross
      • No report submitted
    • Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson
      • New pricing put into place in December
      • Need board approval to purchase supplies since minimum cost I can find is over $100 for a roll of canvas.
      • Vinyl cutter was miscalibrated, Morgan readjusted the blade, which had been set all the way down.
    • Electronics Lab: Charlie Fullerton
      • This year, he wants to make that area more useful.
      • Perhaps hold some classes, e.g.. Soldering?
      • Charlie has also accepted the Ham Shack as part of his responsibilities/ If you are a Ham (or want to be), contact him.
    • Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
      • Nothing to report this month
    • Laser: Craig Goldsmith
      • if you experience any problems, no matter how trivial, text the lasercutter officer immediately. Following up with a phone call is OK, and you should definitely email the lasers list as well, but always start with a text to the officer.
      • the power glitch is occurring at least once per week. I believe I have traced it to one lousy AC connection and will work on permanent fix this week. You can tell the power glitch is occurring because the cutter LCD menu backlight will come on during power-up, without any characters. Then it will turn off, beep/click and repeat. If this happens, power-down the cutter immediately and text Craig aka Zoot.
      • user inattention seems to be on the rise – bent probe, bed out of level, crashes into the lens housing, etc. Please be more careful.
      • all non-cutting travel speeds have been dialed down on the cutter – this includes test contours, jog mode, and non-cut moves during cutting operations. This should reduce strain on the cutter as well as give users more time to hit <stop> in the case of problems.
      • manual focusing is not hard, but please do not manual focus if you haven't been trained. Contact the officer to set something up.
      • I am trying hard to catch up on training – if you still need to be trained, contact me and I'll set something up in the next week.
      • performed quite a bit of maintenance including tightening x-axis pulleys and belts, etc. You should notice improvements in cutting accuracy esp. at higher speeds.
      • Will hold an intermediate class soon
        • Only for those with a lot of experience
        • If you have to ask if that is you, it’s probably not you.
        • To be held next Sunday
      • Machine Shop: Denis Muradov
        • No report this month
      • Welding: John Murray
        • Nothing to report this month
      • Woodshop: Jesse Trujillo
        • We need supplies, specifically a belt for the 1” sander.

3. Old Business

  • Dues Increase - Josh and/or JT
  • Reminder about 2nd Sunday member hacknight.
  • 3D Printer status of repairs - Josh
  • MMF - three months from yesterday, April 6 & 7 of 2019
    • At Expo New Mexico instead of the Balloon Museum
    • Villa Hispania & Floral Arts Building
    • Quelab will be in Flower Building
    • Applications are open now on their website
    • Quelab’s volunteers will be handled by Quelab, other makers & volunteers need to go through MMF’s site.
    • Qelab volunteers need to be on the list given to MMF, otherwise you may not get access
    • No food trucks, but there are already established vendors on site that we are required to use
    • Going to follow last year;s schedule and probably have (4) quick volunteer meetings beforehand
    • Parking may be better - being able to park right near the building where you are stationed

4. New Business

  • New Electronics Area Captain Charlie Fullerton
  • Star Wars Day @ Rio Rancho Library - Darren
    • Saturday 1/26/19
    • Loma Colorado Library, main branch
    • Quelab will be providing models for assembly
  • Board of Directors’ Election in February
    • ALL members must vote
    • Quorum of members must vote for election to be valid
    • Early electronic voting
    • Electronic-only voting, no paper ballots
    • Can nominate others as Director, or self-nominate. Send email to ELECTIONS@quelab.net
    • Nominations now open, an email will go out tonight or tomorrow, open through 2-8-19, 11:59 p.m.
    • Election will be 2-17-19, 5 p.m. to 8:00 p.m, and electronic voting will open two days before that
  • Show and Tell Night, (when, who else is interested in announcing/helping) -adric
  • It was suggested can we give a senior discount?
    • AARP says the typical discount 10% with 55 - 60 age.
  • Dr. Opto asked about replacing the projector in the main classroom
    • Charlie volunteered to get a replacement cable run to the existing projector


  • JT to send out to Members an announcement about the upcoming BoD election

Adjourned 7:20 p.m.

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