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   * President'​s Report   * President'​s Report
-  * (interim) Treasurer'​s report - Geoff+  * (Interim) Treasurer'​s report - Geoff
   * Business Development Officer: position currently vacant   * Business Development Officer: position currently vacant
   * Education: Darrel Knutson   * Education: Darrel Knutson
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 Minutes: Minutes:
 +1. SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Darren Moody (Introduction) / Helen Lenane
 +  * Helen gave us a new 3D printer & a new HP all-in-one PC!
 +2. Officer Reports
 +  * President'​s Report
 +    * Congratulations to all my Officers! ​ During the last month, the Board reviewed all the Officer positions and renewed all but one. Well done!  We've also added a new position: ​ Rental Officer. Congratulations Darren Moody! Quelab is now ready to begin renting work space. ​ I'd also like to thank Craig Goldsmith for his willingness to be the Laser Officer. ​ He has been supporting Jonny Romero, our current Laser Officer, and is stepping up to lead this area for the near future.
 +    * Are you interested in joining us?  Want to help but don't know where to start? ​ We'd love to have your help and we'll even mentor you!   
 +    * I would also like to propose that we change the times of our Membership meetings. ​ As I work to keep these meetings to an hour or less, I propose that the potluck start at 5:30 and the meeting at 6:00 p.m..  This way, we finish closer to our hack night time.
 +  * (Interim) Treasurer'​s report - Geoff
 +    * quelab.net/​membership to pay
 +    * People will get emails every month to remind them 
 +    * Trying to get rid of paypal in favor of stripe ​
 +  * Business Development Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Education: Darrel Knutson
 +    * Just finished the welding & woodworking classes.
 +    * Only one signup for welding class, so the November welding class has been canceled.
 +    * No new classes the rest of the year, will resume in 2017
 +    * If anyone wants to volunteer to teach a class, please step up!
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Membership: Sara Simon
 +    * Wild Apricot lists 84 members at this time. I am still learning the new system, and will work with Geoff to get the breakdown of sustaining vs. student/low income members.
 +    * Soliciting officers to hold an orientation this coming weekend or next, since Sara is busy, though she might be able to do a Tuesday.
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * Every year about this time, we start getting calls from people that want to gift a Quelab membership. ​  We might need some sort of gift certificate good for a choice of membership or classes. ​ This will be an agenda item for the Officers’ meeting later this month.
 +[Side tangent: Do we want December to be a normal community meeting? ​ Should we do our normal strategic planning Dec-Jan? - “discussion ensued” - right now there was interest in having our traditional strategic planning & an end-of-the-year party]
 +[second tangent: January meeting will be Jan 8th, the 2nd Sunday]
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * Add stuff to Calendar (Email Rebecca or Officers)
 +    * Wild Apricot, moving classes from EventBrite
 +  * Assets: Darren Moody
 +    * In the last month, our efforts and objectives at Quelab were also recognized by another individual with a very generous donation:
 +      * Richard Avery was one of the members of Albuquerque Community Foundation that visited with the Trolly Tour (See the minutes of the October Meeting - quelab.net/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=10-2-2016_general). He was very impressed with the space, and so enjoyed the presentation we gave that he followed up with a donation consisting of: 
 +        * A Craftsman tabletop motorized scroll saw (and a few extra blades)
 +        * A Black and Decker handheld electric variable speed jig saw
 +        * a HP inkjet 6830 printer. ​
 +      * In addition to these items, Richard also graciously donated $200 to us for us to use as we see fit, with no restrictions.
 +    * We offer deep and sincere thanks to both Helen and Richard for their generous support of Quelab! ​
 +    * Major strides have been made in cleaning up and organizing the Annex. Here are some of the changes/​additions that have been made:
 +      *  The scrap barrels have been moved near the SW corner, across from the roll up and pedestrian doors.
 +      * In the area east of the library we are setting up an alcove of workspace that is being named “The Circuit Breaker”. ​ It is intended as an ongoing “Take Apart(y)” area for things not going to Mini Maker Faire or the Railyards events, such as PCs and large laser printers. This space was designated by the Space Cadets for donations’ use.
 +      * Four new (to us) workbenches have been added to the area; two have been designated “Community Use” workbenches,​ for short term, non-rentable workspace use and two in the “Circuit Breaker” area.
 +  * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * Coordinated the installation of required fire sprinkler and the repair of four fire sprinkler escutcheons in the annex, as required by an inspection by the Albuquerque Fire Marshal'​s Office.
 +    * Arranged for the Albuquerque Fire Marshal'​s Office to perform a re-inspection of Quelab and give a final approval.
 +    * Visited with the City of Albuquerque'​s Chief Mechanical Inspector regarding the national code requirements which address the ventilation requirements for Quelab.
 +    * Had a NM licensed PE (professional engineer) mechanical engineer do a courtesy walk-through of Quelab to assess what the facilities ventilation system might need to meet those requirements.
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody
 +    * At the last Board meeting, the Board approved my application to become the Quelab Rental Officer. That means I will be collecting rents and managing the rental workbenches and personally owned Anthro Cart space being used in the Annex
 +    * We currently have three member-owned Anthro carts whose space is being rented at the SpaceCadets designated & Board approved rate of $1.50 per sq. ft.  These space rentals will be adding approximately $57 per month income to Quelab.
 +    * Rental policies are still being developed, but definite requirements are that the renter must be a Quelab member and, as mentioned above, the rental rate is $1.50 per sq. ft. of space used.
 +    * As mentioned in the Assets report, there are two new benches that are being designated as “Community Workbenches”,​ and these are for short term use for projects, with similar guidelines as the community workspaces in the MASTS shop area. 
 +  * Area Captains
 +    * 3-D Printing: position currently vacant
 +    * Arcade - Troy Ross
 +      * Cleaning (controllers)
 +      * Removed non-working stuff
 +      * There are bigger future plans, contact Troy to help out
 +    * Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +      * The  area is doing really good. Sherie straightened the room a few weeks ago, but please remember to tag your personal materials & equipment. ​ Please make sure to turn off any equipment you use - several of the multi meters have had dead batteries because they were left on.
 +    * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +      * While more people are using the room, please remember to tag your personal materials with a green tag.
 +      * Some sewing machines had been taken apart earlier this week. Please email officers@quelab.net to alert us to any problems with the equipment.
 +      * Laser: Jonny Romero
 +        * No report ​
 +      * Metal Shop: Eric Lee
 +        * Metalshop camera is installed and operating. ​ The camera address and password is available on request from Adric. ​ The microphone in the IP/Network Camera has been hardware disabled.
 +        * Metal shop is operating smoothly.
 +        * No injuries reported.
 +        * All machines are operational.
 +      * Welding: John Murray
 +      * Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +3. Old Business
 +  * SpaceCadets Reorganization Meeting & Results
 +  * Paul Rosenberg Eagle Project
 +    * Prospective Eagle Scout Paul Rosenberg has selected Quelab to be the benefactor of his Eagle project and is wanting to do an E-waste Recycle event combined with a Take Apart(y) to break down donation for recycling.
 +    * Being an Eagle scout, I will be acting as Paul's project advisor, and JT Benedetto will be taking the capacity of recipient representative. ​
 +    * Paul and I will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to start laying out groundwork for this project. If anybody would like to be a part of any of the planning, please let me know. Once a project date is determined, Paul will need assistance from Quelab members to execute his project, as we will be benefiting from Paul's efforts in getting monies back from materials being recycled.
 +4. New Business
 +  * Adjust Monthly Meeting Time - Celeste
 +    * Proposal: that we change the times of the monthly Community meetings. ​ As we work to keep these meetings to an hour or less, she proposes that the potluck start at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting at 6:00 p.m..  This way, we finish closer to our hack night time.
 +    * It was approved to move the meeting 6:00 p.m. & potluck to start at 5:00 p.m.,  will start for December
 +  * New CRM System - Geoff
 +    * Geoff talked about the new CRM system, WildApricot
 +    * Q&A
 +      * If you are  PayPal member, you can continue to use PayPal, though no new PayPal signups can take place.
 +      * The new service will use Stripe, which is integrated with WildApricot,​ and only allows credit card use.
 +      * Manages Events
 +        * Will save us money over EventBrite (apparently,​ quite a bit of money!)
 +      * You can only access member only price if you are logged in as a member
 +      * Mailing lists are integrated into WildApricot.
 +      * There is a donation page
 +      * Unfortunately,​ Associate & Sustaining memberships are now going to be separate discrete accounts, not combined.
 +      * Want to cancel PayPal? Go to http://​quelab.net/​membership/​changes to do so.
 +  * Bandit Gangwere: project invite
 +    * Arduino Projects to help performance artists, give back to the community, be fun
 +    * UNM Dance, as part of a class project, has to come up with a cool project that Quelab could help with 
 +  * Gonner volunteered an open Thanksgiving at his house, usually eat @ 2:00 p.m.
 +Someone to send to the officers list, asking if anyone can hold an orientation?​
 +Agenda item for Officers’ meeting: Gift Certificates
 +December Meeting will be our traditional Strategic Planning process but also end-of-year party (Someone needs to announce this to the MEMBERS list)
 +January meeting moved to 2nd Sunday, January 8th (Someone needs to announce this to the MEMBERS list)
 +Geoff will do WildApricot training during the November Officers’ meeting
 +All officers should make sure they can log into WildApricot before then, and if they can, run through the built-in training & try to be familiar with the application
 +The Board of Directors voted & approved Josh Pedersen as the new Quelab Treasurer, replacing the departing Geoff Nicholson. ​ Congratulations,​ Josh, and BIG THANKS for being willing to step into this needed role!
 +Geoff’s stepping down as treasurer was at his own request. ​ Geoff is continuing as a Quelab member, as a member of the Board of Directors, and as a member of the Quelab Tech Team.  While we are saddened at his leaving this officer position, we are happy that he is staying a member of the Quelab family!!
 +Announce Josh as the new treasurer to the MEMBERS list (Charel? ​ Celeste?)
 +On-Board Josh as the newest officer (Tech Team)