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 +Agenda items:
 +    * New Pricing In order, how is it going?
 +    * Promotional ideas
 +      * Facebook adds?
 +      * Speciality events
 +      * monthly Themed events.
 +      * January LED month,
 +      * February??
 +    * New web site!  We need folks to add stuff, and pimp it out!
 +    * Getting the word out (what can we do to let people about Quelab)
 +Meeting Notes: ​ notice that the meeting was moved from the 26th  to the 2nd of January due to the holidays.
 +Visitor, spoke first: Wants to do collaborative drawing, ​ hes been visiting hackertype spaces.
 +Meeting Starts at 6:30: Ran down last months items,
 +pricing not many bought into the discount, we will see who re-ups in January,
 +Soliciting ideas: ​ 29th LEDS event, ​ Adric will add to the tech calendar
 +February needs an idea, perhaps Heat up your love of  soldering. how about a ignite warmup help and practice,​prep ​ and a  projector ​ (adric will see about borrowing his dad's
 +Ignite. ​ free membership, ​ for best talk.   All were in favour. ​ Also about flyering unm cnm and ignite,
 +next Ignite February 13th
 +Flyer will be finalized and posted on googledocs/​website
 +Writeup on the makerbot is needed.