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Officers' Corps Meeting

Date: 2-26-16


  • Eagle Scout Project (Darren)
  • UNM Rocketry Project
  • RFID system changes discussion - tabled
  • What’s happening in March
  • Paul Rosenberg’s project
    • Quelab is the beneficiary of Paul’s Project
    • On Earth Day (Sat, Apr 22) a combined e-recycle day/Take-aParty
    • W/Cherry Hills Library AT Cherry Hills Library, 9 - 3 (Drop off at 9, event itself at 10)
    • Help will be needed if we want this to be a Quelab “Event” with PR, etc.
    • Resulting e-waste will most likely be stored @ Quelab for a few days, since the scrap yards
  • UNM Rocketry Project
    • Avery & Chaz are from MMF (they make the makerbot plushies)
    • Avery is project mgr for the UNM Rocket Team, this is the first year of UNM Rocket Team, Building a 46 ft record-breaking model rocket
    • Dividing build space between Quelab & Air Force research labs
    • Will be working on the electronics systems here, maybe building one section of the rocket here, using electronics area, & woodworking
    • Will be launching it at the Rocket Society site in Rio Rancho on Apr 22th, setting up the pad on the 19th, & launch either 22nd or 23rd
    • (6) student memberships
    • Special orientation for them on Tuesday the 28th w/Josh
    • Gonner worked with the group the other day about what tools we have & some of our policies
    • Discussion on security of their stuff & any tools they bring in
    • Avery wants to share publicity - we can publicise them on our blog, twitter, Charel can coordinate with Makers, possibly on the MAKE: blog, too
    • We offered to help with Tee shirts and/or logos on the rocket - screenprinting or bleach shirt, or the wide format vinyl cutter
  • What’s happening in March
    • Spring Break at the Balloon Museum
    • Troy Drones, Josh 3d printing, Alice & balloons
    • 1 day on the week, one on the weekend, Charel will send out dates & details
    • Help is welcome (needed!)
    • Expecting 1K to 2K visitors
  • RFID system changes discussion - tabled due to absences
  • Financial “Attitude” discussion
    • What is our fiscal attitude? “Just enough to make the bills (& a little extra)”, or should we be trying to make significant amounts of money?
    • Discussion took place
    • “Somewhere in the middle”
    • “We should be in the black & not much more”
    • “That is one of the reasons we are doing the Education stuff” - paying the instructors with the new proposal
    • “Quelab IS in the black. We have allocated funds for emergencies & maintenance & what not”
    • “I like thinking big”
  • 2 things to mention (Rebecca)
    • Int’l Open Hackerscape Day Mar 25
    • Int’l Arduino Day Apr 1
  • Adric is re-working the VOIP phone system.
    • Currently working for outgoing calls
    • In process to work for incoming calls
  • Next Meeting scheduled for March 26th @ 5
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