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 ===== Ethan ===== ===== Ethan =====
-This candidate has not yet submitted ​photo or biography.+{{::​ethanmoses.jpg?​nolink&​300 |Ethan Moses}}I'​m ​DIY kinda guy, and lover of Quelab. ​ I joined a few years back because I couldn'​t reasonably use my TIG welder in my own backyard. ​ I quickly got pulled into the metal shop.  I came to Quelab because I needed a workshop, I stayed because I found a community. ​  I am interested in photography;​ electronics;​ embedded systems; welding; machining; laser cutting; and 3D printing. ​ I have a very small business printing cameras and accessories at www.cameradactyl.com. 
 +I love the anarchist ethic of Quelab where the pre-requisite for doing something is generally just wanting to do it.  As a board member I would work to keep the club this way.  I would love to see Quelab grow in membership, and be able to invest in more equipment and unused space.
 ===== Ray ===== ===== Ray =====