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-    Quelab is still in need of a Vice President and Events Officer.  ​Please consider ​if you could help out in these roles or work as second for any of the other Officers. ​ ​Quelab ​runs on it's volunteers!  Make Quelab ​your space by Volunteering+    ​Quelab is still in need of a Vice President and Events Officer.  ​Without these roles filled Quelab is not working to it's highest potential, so if you feel you could fill these roles we'd love to hear from you!  Too much?  How about seconding ​current Officer to give them a hand!  ​Quelab ​is your space!  Make your mark though volunteering
- +    ​* ​Contact your Officer Corps: ​ celeste@quelab.net,​ Officers@quelab.net
-Contact your Officer Corps: ​ celeste@quelab.net,​ Officers@quelab.net+