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   * Cleaning the space - did the company quit?    * Cleaning the space - did the company quit? 
   * We need more officers, how do we convince people that an officer position is something they want?    * We need more officers, how do we convince people that an officer position is something they want? 
 +  * Cleaning of the space
 +    * Per direction from Charel, I am meeting with Jen Pro Cleaning Service coordinator and another of their franchisees on Monday July 23 at 10am at Quelab for a walk thru. Besides the bathrooms and core space floor, I would like to ask about getting all of the waste baskets/​garbage cans in the space emptied, and ask about having the dishes done.  Said that the weekends all day and weeknights after 4 pm are not good times. ​ How about Monday or Tuesday before 4 pm.
 +    * Would like to discuss the possibility of the same for the recycling bins--possible to contact the CABQ and have a small recycling dumpster for the parking lot?  Not sure of additional costs...will ask for a fixed price for any additional work.
 +  * Prioritization of Quelab repairs and modifications via a list on the Wiki.  Perhaps requests from officers and members could be put there also.  Pink "​Borked/​Broken"​ tags are still quite acceptable, but not always seen in a timely manner. ​ I noticed at least 10 fluorescent bulbs that are burned out in the shop--need to figure a good way to safely change them in a cost effective manner. I have been ordering 4' T-8 LED bulbs online, but can only order 10-12 bulbs at a time due to the $100 reimbursement limit.
 +  * Laser cutter/​electronics lab swamp cooler is in service, although there are some final touches to the water supply system. ​ The issue of possible flooding in the attic has been taken seriously. ​ A description of the flood mitigations will be discussed. (And a thanks to Sherrie and Aaron for mopping up a flood in the annex on Friday July 13th...) There is now positive pressure fresh air ventilation in these rooms, for summer and winter. ​ We probably need to look at installing an additional 15 amp/115 volt circuits in each room, for dedicated use for small electrical space heaters, for the winter. ​ In addition, there is now running low pressure cold water in the red sink in the ceramics area, for clay cleanup, with an open drain into a bucket below that sink
 +  * Speaking only about the welding and hot work area, I need to start checking for the presence of project tags and then to make sure that they are within their time limits. ​ Need to set up some sorts of checklists for welding gases and supplies, to set up a reorder level minimum quantity.
 +  * Thinking about setting some sort of 'Tom Sawyer"​ system to ask for volunteers who want to learn to convert the existing fluorescent lights to non-ballast direct wire LED lights.  ​
 +  * Would like to be able to purchase a manual plasma arc cutter (or a combination TIG/​Stick/​Plasma machine) in order to cut up the pallet of 1/8" steel plate brackets in the hot work area to use as training materials.
 +  * I skimmed the nearly 200 page insurance document and would like to talk to the agent (John Murray)