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September Officers’ Corps Meeting


Attending: Celeste, Sherie, Darren, Sara, Adric, Gonner, John M., J.T., Eric, Chris, Darrel, Rebecca


  • John Murray shared his notes of the ad hoc officers’ meeting that took place when the Fire Marshal didn’t show up.
  • No date for a followup visit from the fire marshal
  • John M. willing to be here for the sprinkler head work to satisfy the Fire Marshall’s request, first week in October
  • Darren self nominated as Rental Officer
  • Darren asked about Library as an area captain? Sherie also volunteered.
  • Anything for Darren to look at the Auctions?
    • Adric suggested a Dewar (nitrogen tank)
  • Charel - we could get more acknowledgement & possible funding if we focus more what we can do, e.g. STEM & STEAM esp classes for school kids
    • Adric suggested teaming with Coder Dojo?
    • Sherie suggested Grant writing skills could help
    • Discussion ensued
    • Darren reminded of his contact with the Librarian here in ABQ
    • How many members are interested in volunteering for classes or the like?
      • Charel to do some research prior to next Community Meeting
    • Sherie volunteered to assist anyone needing help writing a lesson plan
  • Sherie reported Aaron asks people using PFUDOR tools outside of PFUDOR to please return them when done with them.
  • Adric has been working with the eye-fi card on the Quelab Camera. Turns out the card we have isn’t the one being deprecated, and should continue to work!
  • Adric replaced the broken lock & the Square phone
    • Will upgrade the front glass door
  • Maybe solicit tour sign-ups, or gather contact info, asking if they want to sign up for our general mailing list
  • The PayPal self service page now has a password of “orientation”
  • Rebecca reminded that you can also suggest people sign up for our general mailing list
  • Ray approved moving the teletype; suggestions included upstairs, the harry potter room, the storeroom or the former library
  • As we grow, how do we track people in the building?
    • In & Out boards?
      • Darren acquired a dry erase In & Out board, and we discussed mounting it somewhere visible (The Core?) and it was suggested that at least the Officers & Board of Directors use it to show when they are in the building?
    • One on the annex door (the rental space)?
    • Can we track people’s RFID tags passively to know when they have left?
    • Can we take photos of new members during orientation?
  • Can we RFID control the metal shop equipment? Some discussion with Eric
  • Eric would like Quelab to get an additional camera for the metal shop.
  • Darren said how he checks a space (e.g. the annex) and tells the last officer (most often Adric) a space is secured. He suggested some sort of sign/indicator to show a room has been verified as locked & secured to assist closing the building.
  • Gonner need time & labor to complete the block house in the front fenced in area
    • Need about $200 in supplies for block, etc.
    • He is interested crowd funding the money
  • Darrel asked about status on having a large calendar in the entry-way to advertise things, like the next orientation or the tour schedule
  • Discussion on possible forms of digital signage
    • Calendar?
    • Events
    • Notifications (like how the arduino class was canceled)
  • Darren suggested a list of contact info for all the officers and/or board
    • Maybe have a sign with contact info (the google voice number)
      • Darren can make some signs up with phone & our address
  • Seltzer was suggested as a possible source to check
  • Darrel suggested we should have more signs around the space - clean up after yourself., etc.
  • Charel reminded that any signs need to discern themselves from the rest of the papers on the wall
  • Celeste said: if something is bugging you, make a sign about it
  • It was suggested that Celeste send out a monthly email welcoming new members by first names
  • Next meeting proposed & decided on: 2nd week of November, 16-November, @ 7:00 p.m.


  • John Murray to send electronic copy of his meeting minutes out (at least to JT for inclusion on the wiki)
  • The dry erase In & Out board to be mounted in The Core & the Officers start using it to show when they are in the building.
  • Charel to work to secure information RE: STEAM/STEM program w/Intel
  • John Murray to coordinate with contractor for sprinkler head mods per fire marshal’s request
  • Teletype to be moved to the room under the stairs
  • Darren to make some signs with our phone # and the physical address of the building
  • Celeste to start sending out monthly emails welcoming new members by their first names
  • Next Officer’s Corps meeting scheduled for 11-16-16
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