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-[[:​cress_c20ht-240_kiln|Cress C20HT-240 Kiln]]+====== ​Cress C20HT-240 Kiln ====== 
 +===== Overview ===== 
 +Purchased at Bentley'​s Auction in August 2015, this kiln is too new to know anything beyond the make & model! We will be evaluating it for proper operation & try to figure out where to fit it into our growing shop space! 
 +===== Manuals, Docs ===== 
 +  * {{::​a15h_a22h_c14_c11h_c15_c17_c20h_c20l_c26h_c8h_c8lelement_replacement_instructions.pdf|Element Replacement Instructions}} 
 +  * {{::​c20ht-240_vac.pdf|Wiring Diagram}}
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