Donation List

Laser Cutter (Epilog Mini24) One has been donated!! Yay!$14,000
CNC Router (ShopBot Buddy32) - we have a small tabletop unit, but it needs controls added to it (plus the size)$8,000
110V MIG Welder$300
Three Sturdy Tables$1500
Sixteen Stable Chairs$1200
Gas-fired Forge$300
100# 'Forging' Anvil$1300
Refill our Helium Tank$500
Powder Coating Setup (sprayer, materials)$75
Powder Coating Oven (could start with an actual oven)$???
small Sandblasting Cabinet$120 - $210
large Sandblasting Cabinet$1000
Monthly Intangibles
Rent our Front Office$400
Sponsor Our Utilities for a Month$200
Help us weatherize our space$150
gas on for 3 months$350
Subsidize Insurance Coverage$116
Monthly Drinks Kitty$30
Grounds Maintenance5 hours
Room Curator3 hours
Captain Quelab5 hours
CRM Solution$50
Flickr Pro Account code$24.95
Web hosting$20
Access Control Systems
Motorized Knobs 
RFID Card Readers 
Fifty RFID tags 
Classes and Projects
Sponsor a student to "Weekday Literati"$15
Sponsor a school class to "Weekday Literati"$300
500 Stickers 
500 Flyers 
1500 Business Cards