February General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 3 February 2013
Time: 4:30-6pm MT

PIZZA! <-- for those that show up on time

Ground Rules

Ice Breaker : Name 1 hacking or making project that you could do that uses a football.

Agenda Review:

Reports = 5 min update

  • Membership report: Need a membership chairperson!
  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Event recap (# attendees, went well?, went poorly?): just briefly hit on the highlights of the event!
    • Packet Party (Jeremy)
    • "Learn to knit" class (Walter)
    • Board Game nights (Geoff)
  • ACE projects: TARDIS and Artemis (Geoff/John/Ken/etc?)
  • 3-D printer club (Alfred/Ray)
  • Calendar review (Addie/Walter)?
    • 07 Feb - Packet Party
    • xx Feb - Hacking chocolate event
    • xx Mar - March of the Robots(?)
    • xx Apr -

Old business:

  • Output of strategic planning (?) does someone else have time to help with this?
  • New loaction TF briefing (W/A/G)
  • Grant Writing (Gilberto)
  • Workshop sign ups (all
  • Hackerscouts program (bandit)
  • ...not a meeting topic: NOTE make time to talk with Caroline (landlady)

New Business

  • monthly event themes
  • Set next meeting <time><date>, and <facilitator>



Meeting starts at 4:39pm Walter, geoff, alfred, greg, ray, adric,

 kevin, andrew, and bandit.  in attendance,  arron joined a bit later.

Membership report, There is a corkboard of member info, they are yours to decorate, describe or add info to. we need a membership manager(chair), cordinating, members list, update the corkbord. Kevin has volunttered to help maintain the volunteer group. he will work with geoff to transition.

Tressurer's report, we got our first check on the indigogo campaign, it is only part of the total, $2190 -our taxes have been filed. as well to the SF

last year, +8000 in member +2250 donations -1400 utilities, -13560 rent (missed a few figures i will get from geoff and fill this in a bit more -pm)

Packet party report. will have another one thurs, learn to knit class had 5 attendees, weekly board game night is monday night it has been good.

Ace projects, need to work with a $5000 budget!

3d printer project, the 3dprinter project will owe quelab for 10 one month memberships, we decided to charge full price so the moneys can go into quelab general fund, with the expextation that they will be able to do it with the remaing funds, and if not we can see about pulling the fund from general. was called for a consensus vote, and it passed!

hacking chocolate was lukewarm at best, we would love for some folks to setup a few hackign chocolate classes. or classes at all.

March of the Robots, march of the robots, chriss hues offered to be a point person, but we want to do march of the robots.

old business, Greg, was unable to do the sort last month's planning meeting, walter will help sort the cards and post to quelab!

Friends of Quelab cards are almost ready! woohoo!

SPIE Grant has been submitted, this is to setup some classes/training on how to learn about optics.

New Location Taskforce, we like the location at mountain, and 5th, caveat being that it is on the market, and will maybe come with a 90 day possible kick out. walter will work on getting us a walkthrough for members.

workshops, stilts making, and brewing classe, would love more! Need to start a club, for it. Hacker Scouts, Bandit talked about it.

  • we need a manager for it,
  • we would need some seed funding,
  • we would need people to be here to do it
  • would need advertising

New Business, Workshop ideas, Legos, rocketmonth, led's, Techmas, bacon, haunted lab.... water(quite popular!, boats, water balloons, hydrolics...), space,

Next Meeting is march 3rd (ray will facilitate).

Meeting ended at 5:54.