February Meeting Agenda:

"Hacking is not a spectator sport. -unknown"

NOTE: All board meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date: 05 Feb 2012
Time: 1:30-3:00m
Attendees: Geoff, Walter, Adric, Greg, Ray, Arron, Heather, Alfred, Mark, Bandit, and 1 other I didnt catch

Meeting was a combined, Board/Member meeting! Called to order at about 1:43pm Minutes/notes are inline, under the subjects!

Ground Rules

  • Covered

Ice breaker

  • intro, and do you care about superbowl.

Agenda Review

  • done

Reports: Status update for IgnightNM 12

  • 3 members probably presenting, up in the air on when possibly 28th or 29th of february,

Space federation fiscal sponsorship paperwork

  • submitted to James Yay! Done! sent signature required, and return copy requested.

State status,

  • paperwork was returned, 2nd of January. needs zipcodes, They claimed they never got it, but got it and sent it back... resubmitting,

Report on electrical maintenance conducted this month

  • outlets were fixed, leak in carpetd room, address roof issues with ray he will talk to caroline,

Treasurers report, number of members and bank account balance

  • was delayed, and secretary missed some of this, but i think it was said 22 members, and all bills paid for atleast this and possibly next month.

Announcement of the meetup site/group

  • Meetup setup by greg, hackers and makers group,
  • announce linux and game night meets, misc

Review of ComicCon

  • need faced time meeting and better planning.
  • need a event outreach subcommitie! Geoff and walter, volunteer,

Report about progress on ABQ Maker Faire

  • notmuch news yet

Spin off the 1-year Quelab membership contest into a task force

  • Adric, will spearhead, this.
  • To launch this on youtube, looking at ray and brian's videos

Possibility of 2hr future meetings

  • proposed to start at 4:30 parallel pizza with meeting, then flexi start of member meetings,
    • Quick Vote Measure passes!

Rube Goldberg (need inputs from Heather)

  • tuesday 7pm, lets get some folks in to use the space.
  • Plan camera footage
    • we have several possible cameras,
      • Marks DV, Rays, Ethans?, Cellphones, the Nikon/Eyefi(stills only)...
  • Final device troubleshooting

Feb event: food/chocolate event "Hacking Chocolate"

  • Finalize the small takehome project
    • Adric has played with spheres of (previously) hot coco, Which ties into another Mysterious experement
      • Will need mugs, hot water and lots of packets of hot coco.
  • Discuss other food-related hacking demos, projects, videos, etc.
    • Temprature control something involving chocolate?
    • Videos of DIY Freeze dried astronaut icecream... more?
    • Milky way rocket engine? 7/13 ratio of sugar to pottasium nitrate by weight! or other caloric demos?
  • Serving food to the public(?)
    • Can be done aslong as its simple, and ingredients are listed, and the people have to do their own assembly!
  • Date/Time 6-10pm feb 25th.
    • Need to get our outreach team into promoting this!
  • Geoff will try and get contact info for Oz pasteries foodtruck
  • Still needs more ideas/recipes and needs more contacts with commercial confectioners.
  • Media contact checklist/and demo list started February_Hacking_Chocolate

Discussion about a new hackerspace location, (this is a complicated discussion that may actually encompass several different topics. As this discussion unfolds I'll try and capture the various discussion threads)

  • Kempurís space decision
  • Space requirement development
  • We need real Cost/expenses numbers.

space use how do we divide it up to do what we do, which is both talking and doing.

  • existing and future space needs, cleanup czar per rooms,
    • Walter front room,
    • Greg Workshop
    • per room whiteboard, to explain its state to the room Czar/members,
  • space planning taskforce headed by Geoff, and Heather,

March of the robots

  • Adric Will Reach out to Zoot to come back with robots!
  • Roomba/k9 (Adric/Arron/Morgain
  • Roomba jousting
  • possible photovore, or other beam bots
  • arduino rc-car stuff..

Misc notes April arduino, theme and class? need to order parts, arron willing to front. perhaps 3 nights,


Discussion Notes: