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February General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 09 February 2014 (moved from 2/2/14 due to Superbowl conflict)


  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Name - if known)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review
2. Ground Rules
3. Old and New Business (18 minutes max)

  • Welcome the new board.
  • BRIEFLY review results of the Strategic Planning session
  • Introduce the new ticketing/project parking system

4. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's report
  • Wells Park Neighborhood Association: Adric or Walter
  • Membership Drive/Grand opening report?

5. Prioritize next steps to getting fully functional. (who needs help with where?)

Notes: 5:01 meeting started, Greg, JP, Bandit, Adric, Geoff, Charel, Cameron, Sherie, Aaron, Walter, Jezerri(sp?), John, Alfred, Tara, Morgan and Mike in attendance.

Ground rules were read. Old/New Business: Welcome New Board. Announced the latest board meeting happened (earlier today).

New Scheduled night, Starting in March Knitting Wednesdays 7pm, Hosted by member Tara. Strategic planning tabulation was lost, so we will be having that next month. -greg

Parking and passes, for projects and to avoid the clutter. Permit only by members (non members cannot place a parking permit), 30 days to be renewed Parking ticket - 14 days limit Borked or broken Up for grabs Project Invitation

   Suggestion: Shoe tree pockets for hanging these forms in centralized spaces 

Reports: Wells Park Neighborhood assn. -

  • Adric - 2nd tuesday of the month: Intent is to revitalize this part of town. Now Quelab is on their radar. Lots of “long-time” residents in that group and so we want to be good neighbors, especially when it comes to zoning.
  • Walter - impressed by the community center.
  • Charel - lets invite them to the Quelab Grand Opening
  • Adric - the group is trying to come up with a map of cool/cultural things to do/see.

Treasurer Report: Geoff - $4300 from Indiegogo campaign - used to pay rent. Good for a month: but looking for increased membership (current count is 30 members) Taxes to be done soon

Geoff is looking at ‘stripe’ as another means for taking payments. Needs some back-end work for the web stuff, may need some work with Jeremy involving the site move.

Grand opening: Charel, is working on getting the date cemented, we also need to make a membership drive for it, and some perks involving it.

  • Possibly a friday night pre-party,
  • Main event Saturday,)
  • Multiple type of workshops, entertainment over various days.
  • food trucks

Anyone who can help, contact Charel (sometime April/ May)Avoiding Easter/Passover and APS Spring Break,

Prioritize next Steps:

  • Kitchen - Flooring, power, plumbing, cabinets, counter, gas?, appliances,
  • Concerns with chemicals near kitchen.
  • Path forward with Poop deck - Ideas: Artemis zone, or VIP louge
  • Define the spaces in the wood/metal/workshop, usable zones.
    • Vented welding booth
    • Lathe space, legs
    • Fire curtains
  • Repaint walls
  • remove pillars in The Core
    • Solution for electrical drops in pillars
    • Mission Control - cable run to the roof for an antenna
  • Front door - RFID system, access control.
  • Bathrooms
    • Door closers
    • “occupied” deadbolts signs
    • ADA compliance, aka Handicapped accessible
    • Make them publicly appealing
    • Baseboards
    • Bathroom accessories (paper towel holder, etc)
  • set up ventilation in room 17 (back electronics room)
  • Re work the Lights circuits in 16-17, and 18.
    • possibly a motion detection system.
  • Power outlets
    • 3-phase power drop for the lathe
    • 30A 220V power for welder(s)
    • 110V power in back half of warehouse
  • lighting on the lightswitch in the warehouse
  • Front signage, on the outside of the building
  • Determine the space rental policy
  • More art
  • Awning on the front door
  • Display shelves (in each room) for showing off projects
  • Room 42 finishing projects
    • Drywall patching
    • Sign in reception desk
  • Steam cleaning the whole floor
  • Dark room/photo lab
    • Deep sink or shop sink
    • Shallow/Deep/wide
    • long, shallow table
  • Find a chemical storage area and fume hood space
  • Exhaust system in the 3-D Printer room
  • Reconnect heater vents into Room 10.
  • Counter/desk space in the Room 3.
  • Work parties: Adding cleaning days and working days on the calendar
  • Member storage area, more organized
  • Lockers, sort out the location and repair, adding keys.
  • Awareness of exit lighting, bringing up to code.

Some Problem with ther name “Dragons Lair’ board will talk to the perk recipient to see if we can remove the issue.

Space Cadets: Talked about closing the project, and start working on the outbriefing, and the fufure versions for making the new space work.

closed out the meeting at: 6:20pm