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April General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 6 April 2014


  • 4:00 pm Re-Setup the Core (Room #08) to hold meetings, now that the floor is finished
  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Volunteers Welcome)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review
2. Ground Rules
3. Old and New Business (18 minutes max)

  • Announce the induction of 4 new Quelab members into Officer
  • Grand opening plans/membership drive(charel?)
  • Announce the Yelp-tropolis event (greg/Walter/Charel)
  • Upcoming Classes
    • Request for more teachers

positions (Walter) 4. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's Report (Geoff)
  • Occupancy Rating paperchase (Geoff)
  • Quelab Hydroponics Project (Alfred)
  • Laser Cutter (Ray/Walter)
  • 3D Printing (Alfred/Ray)
  • Calendar Review

Notes: meeting opened at 5:10 20 people at start including Greg, Geoff, Adric, Ray, Charel, Walter and many others. Greg read the agenda Greg Read the ground rules,

News, we have new officers, Jeremy is our new IT officer, Jezrri is our new Membership officer, JT is our Facilities manager, and the Shop foreman, and ray is the electronics foreman They are heads of the stuff but everybody needs to help them.

Wells park neighborhood meeting was good, we had a table at the event, it was well attended and we were lauded for the idea, many said they will come check us out, and a few have already.

Grand opening is May3rd, with a VIP on the 2nd, Need Volunteers for the worshops. We got some volunteers, still need more. we need to get to 50 members during our membership drive!!! we are at 30 re-occuring and 8 pay as they go now

We looked at Jezzeri’s poster, looks great

Grand opening Gala is $50, VIP on the 2nd of may. Flavor hacking, Throwies,

Yelptropolis, Party At Sister Bar on May the 8th, 4-500 people attending, $10 at the door req donation, We are the beneficiaries for the donations!!!!

Workshops, we need more workshops. talked a bit about how to do classes, signup on wall, email

Reports: Treasurer report, still in the black. 38paying members.

Occupancy rating… still stalled for now. city is being slow!

Auquaponics: members are working on our own vertical tower aquaponics, may make them a kit. at some point.

Facilities update: looking for an electrician, JT is the new Manager of Quelab Facilities, .

Shop news: Ray is getting the electronics shop going, Laser cutter: its now cutting! needs a few tweaks and procedure for training, needs a better blower.

We need to finalize on the Shop layout, and cleanup

3d printer update, big printer we are hoping to have it moving by the grand opening, We have some new filiment that alfred is donating as try it out and let him know how it is sort of basis. he will have it marked.

Meeting ended at 6:36pm