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July Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 06 July 2014


  • 4:30 pm Pot Luck
  • 4:55 pm Appreciation
  • 5:00 pm Community Meeting:

1. Agenda Review
2. Ground Rules
4. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Board report (Walter)
  • Shapeoko update (JT)

3. Old and New Business

  • Upcoming Events
    • Ignite NM (Walter)
    • Maker Day at Railyards Market 8/21 & Maker Summer Camp (Charel)
    • Bubonicon (Sherie)
  • Strategic Planning Review (Walter)


Meeting Started 4: 59

16 or so people in attendance: 5min of fame, kidos rounds,

Ground rules were read.

Reports: Geoff was not here so no financials, but we should be in the black, no new big expenses, and a membership of about the minimum of being fullly funded, plus the workshops.

Board update: Walter talked about some of the member onboarding talked at the last board meeting with James Carlson, And some talk about event planning, tech fiesta and the makerfaire:

Shapeoko we are at near the end of step10, out of 13, which is most of the physical build, a little wiring and adjusting to go. it will likely live in the shop. we may also take it on some roadtrips.

Upcoming Events: Ignite, in part of tech fiesta, no date set yet, but will spread word when we can Railyards market, MakerSunday August 17th, would like to do a demo for the cnc, 3dprint, aeroponics, and other maker type events. Opens at 9, setup 730. May be warm, plan to bring fans. MakerCamp: Saturday morning? one per month. still in the works but Charel is working on the logistics. Makerfaire at whitehouse: Charel got Mayor Berry to support makers/makerspaces/thingsa next year June 18th. We got a nice mention out of it this year, and hope to have things in connection with them next year. Bubonicon: August 1st 6-8Hopspitality room: snacks and or a kind of cool demo maybe dry ice, or stuff. Sherie is the main poc.

Strategic plan review: So on workshops and classes, we did about 50% of our top list, need to continue and use them as idea fodder. Events in the space, good number of the top list got done already. Networking Hackerspaces, some good progress with meeting other spaces. Community Outreach: hydroponics/Veterans: Talk to the Vet garden downtown. More groups here to network with! Teacher openhouse. Infrastructure: large section of this missing from the list, the power for the shop, kitchen. officer operations: pretty good progress. Member Jobs: Need to do some more, blogging, more outreach, but doing pretty.

Walter Will be out of town next meeting will need a different facilitator.

Meeting closes at 6:23pm