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September General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.
Date: 01 Sept 2013
Time: 4:30-6pm MT

1. Agenda Review:
2. Ground Rules ()
3. Old Business

  • Haines Location Update (Charel, Walter, Ray)
  • Participation Feedback on 2nd ABQ mini-maker Faire
  • Bylaws Update (Geoff, Walter)

4. New Business

  • Tech Fiesta Events: Coworking Crawl and Ignite 14 (Walter)
  • Proposal with Blackout Theater (Alfred)
  • New Indegogo Funding Campaign kickoff
  • PIC Club (Ray)

5. Reports

  • Treasurer's report (?)
  • 3D Printing Club (Alfred)



Geoff, Adric, Bandit, Morgain, Walter, Juli, Ray, Alfred, Shere, Charel, Aaron, mike? meeting to start, at 5pm

Ground Rules were read,

Haines Location update,

  • utilities are estimated at $400 amonth, but that was for full time tenants.
  • we are looking at about $200 increase per 6 months to the full $2000mo after something like 24 months,
  • looks like we are on the verge of signing the lease,

-Black out Thatre,

  • they need to rent a space for a haunted house, So we are looking at rushing the lease of haines, so they can sublet it until after Halloween.
  • will need to expand a rider to cover the other building, -geoff


  • charel says thank you, also Christian Ristrow Sent a great thank you letter, asking what to bring next year
  • 1800 through the door or so.
  • probably later in september next year.
    • possible connected events/classes perhaps next year at quelab/haines

-Bylaws update

  • Finalizing them, probably by october, this is for the board to poke at

-New Business

  • Tech Fiesta,
  • Tedexabq need people to man the table/setup/tear down
  • Coworking crawl, tuesday the 9th,
  • Ignite14 7pm convention center,
  • Blackout Theater was discussed above,
  • PICClub
    • Morgain won the contest, $2000 credit at the company
    • With the credit, Ray wants to start a pic club
  • Service Learning Agency, Alfred presented the concept,
    • class at cnm that requires people to go out into the community, and volunteer, or directly interact.
  • Charel, needs us to make a statement about quelab, and some 1/2 day projects, to submit to intel, intel can send intel down to do this at $20 a head,
  • Charel is also looking at City/Kirtland... For Vet rehab type classes/training/projects.
    • skills classes like welding, or printing, or design, selling the concept of open source, and swap-o-rama type things.

Tressurer's Report, Greg is MIA so we dont have much more info.

3d printer club

  • filament extruder had some fantastic failures, but much learning came from it,
  • bigger 3dprinter, plans in the works,

Adric talked about his visit to Xerocraft's new space.

6:10 meeting closes