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November 28, 2010, at 07:10 PM by -
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  • New Piricng structure,
  • New Pricing structure,
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Pricing is ok, $5 hacknights, $7 day passes,


Pricing is ok, and will go live tomorrow, $5 hacknights, $7 day passes,

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Website will roll out, but logo is still seeking input /mods/suggestions/submissions

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lets look for other llc hackerspaces, and solicit pros/cons

November 28, 2010, at 06:58 PM by - meeting 7 notes
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Get folks to posts, links, we are 5th on Albuquerque Hackerspaces"

November 28, 2010, at 06:43 PM by -
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=-=-==-- meeting notes

Pricing is ok, $5 hacknights, $7 day passes,

Advertising faceboook advertisement, special for Albuquerque make magazine folks.

Alibi billboard,daily lobo, localiq, cnm/unm bulletin boards/ honeywell/intel, coffeshops, solicet ideas.

Craigslist... What catagory, Classes/Activities.

we Need a big group project!

Hacknight is tuesday not wednesday

hours? 10-4:30 m-f and hacknights 7pm

solicit input on what days to do hacknight, sun/tue tue/thur other?

kudos awards, for folks helping out, d other blog content, spam walter with cool links, and hackerspace news, what's its.

November 28, 2010, at 12:27 PM by Adric -
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Agenda items:

  • New Piricng structure,
  • 505c3 ruminations
  • Promotional ideas
  • Revamping the web site (photos, add some color, etc.)
  • Getting the word out (what can we do to let people about Quelab)
  • events planning and timetables.