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December Planning Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 8 December 2013


  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Name - if known)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:
  • 7:00 pm Open Hacknight

(3 min) 1. Agenda Review (Greg)

(2 min) 2. Ground Rules ()

(10min) 3. Icebreaker: "What is your official or unofficial role at Quelab?"

(6 min) 4. Bylaws (Walter)

(4 min) 5. Calendar Review''' (?)

  • 2013:
    • ?? Holiday member's social event ??
    • ?? Techmas ??
    • ?? Last Saturday "open house" ??
  • 2014:
    • 05 Jan - General business meeting
    • ?? Jan - Annual elections
    • 25 Jan - Last Saturday "open House" ??
    • ?? Mar - Quelab grand opening event ??

6. Strategic Planning and Visioning Process for 2014 (Greg)
This will be the same/similar to what we did one year ago. For a memory refresher, check out last year's agenda/minutes (click here for "part 1"... click here for "part 2"). I will actually reference last year's plan several times so it's probably a good idea to go take a look. Just sayin.

  • Step 1. (45 min) Year in Review - "Around the room"
    • "Describe your favorite Quelab moment of 2013."
    • "What keeps you motivated when things get difficult?"
    • "What is one thing you'd like to see Quelab continue in 2014?"
  • Step 2. (1 hr) Cardstorming on the big white wall- "ALL the Things?!"
    • Review Cards from 2013 (change-jettison-keep)
    • Create a complete To Do list for Quelab in 2014, not personal projects but Quelab projects.

<break break> Then in January...

* Step 3. (55 min) Sorting Hat - "Multivoting"

  • Review groups of cards for category names
  • Determine Quelab members' priorities
  • Step 4. (35 min) Plan the "Next Steps"
    • Assign categories to a responsible entity
    • Determine which (if any) tasks can receive Quelab funding
    • Are there specific time frames for any of these categories or activities?

NOTE: All of the above activities will not necessarily get completed during the December general business meeting. Please join us again in January to finish up where we left off. Thanks!

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Meeting starts at:5:12pm 24 people in attendance: including all board members Adric, Geoff, Greg, Ray, Bandit, Aaron.

Meeting overview made. Ground Rules Read.

Walter announced the Bylaws, there will be a big meeting/vote in January. and then a board election after. Deadline for the comments is December 30th

Calendar ewview, :

  • adric wants to do a hand drawn holograms event perhaps on the 22nd
  • FTC will want to meet to do some robots,
  • January 5th is the enxt members meeting
  • January board vote
  • February 8th FTC Scrimmage
  • March sometime for the grand opening,

Strategic Planning Filled in 3 boards of,

  • What do you want to see continue in 2014
  • What keeps you motivated
  • your favorite quelab moments

Card Planing, folks will shout out ideas for stuff to do: 108 cards got posed on the wall.

Meeting ended 7:12pm

Photos of the wall chaarts and notecards can be seen here,

Transcribed Flipchart notes:

Describe your favorite Quelab moment of 2013.

  • Moving out of 112 2nd St, into a bigger space.
  • Successful and ontime completion of the Artemis project for ACE
  • Increased usage of the Quelab space and additional energy
  • Working 3-D Printer
  • Signing the 680 Haines lease
  • Completion of 2 successful Indiegogo campaigns!
  • Destruction of rooms 22-23.

What keeps you motivated when the going gets tough?

  • 3-D Printers
  • Successful marketing materials reminding members of the hackerspace capabilities.
  • The community, people here.
  • Addition of pot-luck events with business meetings.
  • Having a space with stuff/projects to show for our work.
  • The energy and enthusiasm of new people.
  • Recognition of strangers
  • "Let's do it" attitude of finding/having the big space.
  • Group collaboration, sucess of programs for both youth and adults.
  • Teaching soldering at ABQ mini-maker faire.

What do you want to see Quelab continue in 2014?

  • Succesful Indiegogo fundraiser campaign
  • Partnerships with outside groups
  • Maintain the tight-knit community (small group) feel.
  • 3-D printing
  • Being "find-able"
  • Advanced and closer coordination with ABQ Mini maker fair
  • Synergy of Quelab & MMF
  • High-altitude balloon (Space Chili)
  • Keep 680 Haines space open and operating.
  • 24-hr access
  • Asking and answering dumb questions.
  • Group projects
  • Increased usage of the space
  • Grow the membership
  • Parent & child classes
  • Continue youth outreach

Quelab To Do cards, complete and unfiltered list:

  • RF ID access control & tool lockout system
  • New member kit and orientation
  • Arduino workshop
  • Regularly occurring activities
  • Be a resource for local business
  • Fix the doors
  • Soap making
  • Collaboration with robotics community
  • Host a bit-coin meetup
  • Equipment Training & Certification, with curriculum and enforcement
  • Wood working
  • Blog updates and project documentation
  • Quilting bee
  • Artemis 2.0
  • Adding more machine tools to the workshop
  • Networking with other hackerspaces
  • Automation of the space
  • update the Hacker/maker meetup page and host more events
  • AV jukebox
  • Screen printing
  • Host a repair cafe, or fix-it event
  • Open source spaceflight development projects
  • Build and race remote control helicopters
  • Hold a series of classes about combining Art and Science (STEAM)
  • Swap-a-rama-rama
  • Regular updates to all social media pages
  • Empower the membership
  • Hold maker meetups
  • Applied science and math classes
  • Build a hidden bookshelf door to room 23
  • Cooking projects
  • Raspberry Pi classes
  • Document operating procedures, member's "manual"
  • Broader crafting projects and ideas
  • Our own Quelab stickers and passport
  • Manage the mess
  • Zinc plates art project (printing, framed art, TBD)
  • Indiegogo/fundraising campaigns
  • Member field trips
  • Zombie survival training (First aid) class
  • "Saturday afternoon workshop series"
  • Plastic recycling for 3-D printing
  • Tardis door from room 49 into room 8
  • Formal membership cards (from Lobo)
  • Hackerscouts
  • Build membership
  • Themed events
  • Holo-deck
  • Aluminum foundry
  • Sketchup classes for 3-D printing
  • Work with NM, KAFB, ABQ for prisoner skills intro classes
  • Work with NM, KAFB, ABQ for returning vets skills intro classes
  • Continue capturing and compiling history of Quelab
  • Microcontroller "stuff"
  • High school technical vocational opportunities
  • Set up as a venue for hosting speaker events
  • Game night
  • More advanced cooperation and collaboration with ABQ Mini maker faire
  • Packet parties
  • Monthly open houses
  • T-shirt silk screening
  • Fix the website
  • Dark room
  • Collect metrics
  • Fundraising gala
  • More classes: streamline process and pull topics from 2013 list
  • Engage the PR media
  • Robotics classes for adults
  • Themed workshops leading to themed events, for example: ACE
  • Kit creation
  • List of local restaurants that deliver to the new location
  • Complete the dalek build
  • Engage with the local HAM club
  • Create a mural on the Quelab building
  • Artist/maker "in-residence"
  • Build a CNC metal thing/tool
  • Gigantic Quelab sign on the new building
  • Find grant writers and apply for grants
  • Intro to programming class
  • Mentoring to school teams
  • Inventory control
  • Identify a path forward for the "poop deck"
  • Host Ignite NM
  • Provide IgniteNM volunteers and participation
  • 3-D holography
  • Teach the teachers event
  • Reubens tube
  • Mentor teams for the Cyber patriot competition
  • Dr Destructo event
  • Teacher openhouse
  • Suppert local business
  • Flavor tripping
  • Project Showroom
  • Coordinate w ABQ PRIDE
  • Nerd Prom
  • Occupancy Rating
  • Turn projects into products
  • Diversify income streams
  • Robo Rave support
  • Arduino class
  • Restaurant fundraising
  • Decorations/Art on the walls
  • Hold a Movie Night
  • Social media coordination
  • Video blogging, and content creation
  • Wearable technology
  • Warewolf Technology
  • Parade floats
  • Flora class (arduino)
  • Teensy class
  • Neighborhood contacts, engagement & openhouse
  • Chores list
  • Resource for homeschool students
  • Vacuformer project
  • LAN parties
  • lock picking classes
  • Submit more to Hack-a-day
  • Robot event (not necessarily in March)
  • PCB/schematic class