Introduction to Arduino course outline

Day One

  1. Install
    1. install our example sketches
  2. blink
    1. make patterns with digitalWrite() and delay()
    2. drive other LEDs
    3. control brightness with PWM

Day Two

  1. Reading analog pot
    1. dimmer
  2. Serial output
    1. show output level
  3. Motor driver circuit
    1. replace dimable LED with motor
  4. Serial input (if they have time)
    1. set motor speed from serial
  5. Choose project
    1. Photovore (two light sensors driving two motors)
      1. Software more complete, more working with circuits
    2. Game Show (Note who hit button first + fowl) Might have interrupt. Problems with contact bounce. might use port register. Sub-projects with increasing complexity
      1. Simple digitalRead() poll, with reset
      2. port register for simultaneous read
      3. count on repeated reads for bounce check.
      4. Add countdown/enable timer and/or foul buzzer
      5. start repeated bounce-check reads in response to interrupt
  6. Choose final project

Day Three

Final project, and perhaps planning art for May 4 arts crawl