There was a design competition earlier this year (Design For America) about making government data more accessible. While it's too late for that contest, something similar might be fun to do and provide some visibility for the group.

Update - someone gone and did nearly exactly what I was thinking of - - back to the drawing board. -Andrew


Network Viz

They Rule is a network visualization that shows who sits on various corporate boards and government committees. The idea is to illustrate how companies and government are often connected in an 'old boy' network in ways you might not expect. The data was collected by hand and hasn't been updated since 2004.

I'd like to something similar that is updated automatically. There is tons of data on corporations available from the SEC that could be mined by a robot on a daily basis, and combined with other data (campaign finance data?, news articles?) to extend what They Rule does and keep it continuously updated. I've done something similar at Fuzzy Link Bot with music news. -Andrew

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