Quelab Executive Summary

Quelab is a collaborative "Place to Make Things", otherwise known as a "Hacker space". The Quelab Vision Statement is:

"A place where digital workers who may otherwise work in (physical) isolation can come together in a shared space and work with like-minded others, who value and/or crave the proximity to people that shared workspaces can provide."

Members have access to tools and work areas to make interesting projects for both fun and education. The "DIY" ethos primary to the general theme of projects.

Public activities focus on fun STEM activities such as robotics, astronomy, rocketry, "green" technology, Linux, etc. One goal is to provide parents with opportunities for fun, hands on projects to do with their children, helping them instil a sense of wonder and joy in science and technology. Participants take their projects home.

Quelab at Year 3 Expanded from a small 1500sq ft house at 1112 Second Street, NW. To a 6800 Square foot space with mixed Classroom specialty small shops, and large electronics and wood/metal/build shop, and storage space for member's projects, extensive lab stock for expanded projects, space for large projects or model airplanes, extended machine shop, etc. A large space also allows seminars, workshops, talks, and other types of participatory events.

This is much better as previously in the small house. Some activities have had roughly 50 people. The house was very crowded.

One of our continued major goal is to continue to organically increase the membership

Quelab is fiscally sponsored project of the School Factory, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

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