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"Captain Quelab" Schedule

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Open the Quelab for hacknight at 7pm.
  • Check in ALL Hacknight participants, and collect entrance fees as appropriate.
  • Ensure completion of a liability waiver.
  • Introduce new members and guests to a board member for an introduction to the space.
  • Apply peer pressure throughout the night such that members keep the space clean.
    • "Can I ask you to please pick up that _______?"
    • "Will you make sure that _______ gets put away when you're done using it?"
    • "Dont forget to wash those dirty dishes."
    • "Can you please help me by taking out the trash?"
  • Pass off the Captain Quelab lanyard to a member who will be the last one out and who will close the lab
Captain Quelab
Captain Quelab

Sign-up Sheet: "Captain Quelab"

Date:Name:every 4th time
5 May 2013Greg Moran
7 May 2013Alfred Cochrane
12 May 2013Ray Finch
14 May 2013Alfred Cochrane
19 May 2013Alfred Cochrane
21 May 2013Ray Finch
26 May 2013Alfred Cochranex
28 May 2013Alfred Cochrane
2 June 2013Dakota Nelson
4 June 2013Charel Morris
9 June 2013Ray Finch
11 June 2013Alfred Cochrane
16 June 2013Dakota Nelson
18 June 2013Adric
23 June 2013Ray Finchx
25 June 2013 
30 June 2013 
2 July 2013Walter Duran
7 July 2013Charel Morris
9 July 2013 
14 July 2013Charel Morris
16 July 2013Tenzin Beck
21 July 2013Greg Moran
23 July 2013Tenzin Beck
28 July 2013Greg Moran
30 July 2013Greg Moran
4 Aug 2013 
6 Aug 2013 
11 Aug 2013Greg Moran
13 Aug 2013Greg Moran
18 Aug 2013 
20 Aug 2013<name>
25 Aug 2013<name>
27 Aug 2013<name>
1 Sept 2013<name>
3 Sept 2013<name>
8 Sept 2013JT
10 Sept 2013<name>
15 Sept 2013<name>
17 Sept 2013<name>
22 Sept 2013<name>
24 Sept 2013<name>
29 Sept 2013<name>
1 Oct 2013<name>
6 Oct 2013<name>
8 Oct 2013<name>
13 Oct 2013<name>
15 Oct 2013<name>
20 Oct 2013<name>
22 Oct 2013<name>
27 Oct 2013<name>
29 Oct 2013<name>