Quelab Haunted Lab Whiteboard notes:

Advertising! Starting in September!!!

Last Weekend October 28th 29th

Themes(order as stated not as prioritized)

    * Hydrolic/pneumatic popup devices
    * LEDís
    * Voices/Noise
    * Motion detection (mats/pads/better than IR)
    * Jacobs Ladder/plasma globes(Geoff and Adric)
    * Pumpkin Carving
    * bubbling beakers/labware
    * ultrasonic fog(adric supplied)
    * motion controlled platform
    * static props/devices
    * remote controlled things
    * Lab Coats (screen print them?)
    ** Spirit has about 5 of them for $20 each, (costume one use quality) 


    * leds(we have lots)
    * pvc
    * black fabric (adric has some)
    * black plastic
    * foam core board
    * paint
    * plastic labware (or glass if its out of reach)
    ** Working on modifying bottles to look like lighted bubbling flasks -adric
    * motors/gears/servos
    * air compressor (bandit)
    * air cylinders / actuators
    * trigger devices
    * plywood
    * lumber (2x2 2x4)
    * misc hardware
    * skeletons (for fake body build up) (lexi can get at a discount)
    ** Lexi got one.
    * carpeting
    * wire
    * sound recording devices. http://tinyurl.com/3z46hwj 
    ** (got 5 of them)-ad
    * speakers 
    **(several sets around)
    * old electronics (tubes, oscilloscopes, static filled old tvís)
    * lighting, strobes(i have one led driven strobe)
    * blacklights (we have several small ones)
    * soundtrack
    * dry ice (fogging labware and other uses)
    * embalming jars/ silicone molds for things to put in them, colored water)(working on a class first weekend of october)
    ** Class on building things for the jars 10-2-11
    * rc cars and other items
    * packing tape & cling wrap(for invisible bodies)
    * ultrasonic mist maker


    * Door
    * crowd control
    * actors
    * makup
    * setup/stagemaking
    * striking the set
    * pumpkin carving or other crafts. 


    * Pumpkin (led/carve/misc)
    * witch??
    * mummy/corpse/zombie/casket(various generic hh things)....
    * Lab equipment (plastic if its touchable)
   1. chemistry stuff, (colored bubbling liquids)
   2. high voltage stuff, jacobs ladder, plasma globes/disk.(geoff and adric can supply a few)
   3. glowing electronics,  beeping blinking things.  old tube glow
   4. oscilloscopes/ old tvís with bad vertical hold

   * animatronic creatures, 
   1. rotate/bend with  leds
   2. motion control/triggers
   3. sounds
   4. Flying crank ghost http://www.kickthefog.com/crank_ghost.htm 
    * Triggered sound effects, (easy to do a class on, cheap if the above link pans out)
    * pneumatic rising corpse/body/ghost (hard to do a big class on this)
    * lights controlled.
    * body parts in jars,   (look at fake sugru)
    ** Class 10/02/11 -adric

MISC available Supplies/parts looking for a use:

    * huge 4' fresnel lens, and stand (in closet)
    * huge tv projection lens (in locker room)
    * multiple yards of black cloth, some thick some thin
    * battery operated airpump
    * Pan tilt controller, 
    * Dozen Flickering LED candles.
    * small amplified speaker,
    * small suction cup speaker 
    * Orange HE-NE 5mw laser
    * X10 light controllers & motion sensor, and usb controller
    * clear plastic tubing  
    * Caution tape "Beware enter at own risk"
    * plastic bugs/spiders
    * large brain jellomold
    * heathkit osilloscope(for mad science lelectronics pile)
    * 110v electro luminescent panels
    * led light tubes, color 110v
    * blue light flasher & rc-car battery
    * led strobe
    * CFL blacklight
    * 2' 110v blacklight
    * 2' 12v blacklight
    * small led data projector
    * flickering lightbulb 110v
    * robotic hand
    * Ray's Controllable gear motor
    * one rotisserie gear motor (perhaps for flying crank ghost)
    * glow in the dark googly eyes
    * short rope light
    * 6 folding closet doors (from the lab to hid/screen/make walls)
    * various bits of tech from the front, monitor stand, clock, korg panel, heaqthkit stuff, tv_boombox)
    * wood box, for small 
    * pinball soinoids 12v
    * 2 water resistant led light balls
    * 1 time delay relay, 24vAC/DC
    * 2 24v relays  
    * glow in the dark googley eyes
    * glow in the dark small size hotglue 
    * several working rc cars.