Calendars/event lists

  • Our Own Quelab Google Calendar
    • added Ghost Cloning, and LED pumpkins and Haunted lab event, to our calendar.
  • Alibi
    • Art and Community Calendar must be received by 9 a.m on the Tuesday nine days before publication date.
      • Added LED pumpkins, and Haunted lab, its now too late for Tape ghosts by about 11 days.
  • DCF
    • Events Calendar Good to do early, so events only trickle to top of the days list if it has several rsvp's]]
  • Facebook
  • NMTechCal
    • NMTechCal Requires someone with permission to post to the Calendar Adric can do it, if you send him copy.
      • Added Cloning, led's and Haunted Lab to NMTC.
  • LocalIQ
  • Daily Lobo
  • Craigslist
  • ABQ Journal
  • ABQ Arts
  • Make Magazine
  • KUNM

Press Release list

  • ...Needs feeding!!!...
  • Alibi press release info includes sample/info
  • Albuquerque Journal people
    • (sent by Aaron)

Event Schedule

see PlanningDetailsCanBeFoundHere