Quelab Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster and sustain an environment that promotes creativity, invention, and collaboration at the intersections of art, technology, science and culture. This mission shall include:

  1. Maintaining and operating a physical space within the city of Albuquerque that fosters creative technological exploration, collaboration, and education.
  2. Hosting monthly themed events for the public where participants learn and are inspired to teach based on a shared interest in science and technology.
  3. Serving as an incubator to local science and technology-oriented businesses in order to add value to and support the local tech community.

Mission Statement Stuff:

Why: Things don't fix themselves, ideas don't invent themselves, programs don't spring into reality. We are all strongest when we combine the help and support of our peers. Making and inventing new things is good for the community at large, both through personal growth and economic opportunities.

Inspire: Everyone has a neat idea from time to time, sadly in everyday life rarely are we inspired or encouraged to act on them and try them out.

Teach: The best way to cement something in your own mind is to teach someone else about it, both reinforcing the information and possibly having to find new aspects due to intelligent questions. Teaching, instructing and spreading ideas is essential to improving everything.

Learn: Learning new things rejuvenates the mind, sharpens focus and forms valuable building blocks for personal and community growth and improvement.

Collaborate: Synergy happens when you get one or more persons thinking about a problem, issue or project. Often times this collaboration builds on the knowledge set of all involved and can drastically accelerate and improve problem-solving.

Sharing: Tools, space and test equipment can be shared achieving economies of scale that are impossible for individuals working alone.

Vision/Values discussion:

What/How to accomplish the mission:

  • workshops
  • expos/special events
  • open house
  • hack night
  • Co-working
  • outreach
  • community building

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