Currently we have twoone occupancy indicators.

One is a script gabe hacked up: Which looks for new Macaddresses on the wireless:

And the other are X10 controled light's/Quelab sign/Open Sign/porchlight:

Now if anyone walks through the carpeted room, a PIR sensor fires, and turns on the Open sign, the porch light, the overhead entry room light, and a small lamp by the side door, these all should power off after 30min of no activity. This should let you know if anyone is home or atleast recently was (sorry if this fools a few people)

In addition to those i have installed a on/off remote between the inside door and the screen door, so one can toggle it all off and not wait for the timeout when leaving at the end of the day. (currently one remote is installed inside the screendoor on the front and on the side door)

Occupancy camera,

You can also from home/smartphone check and see if anyone is in the carpeted meeting room/side entry room by using this link (copy and paste it into your bookmarks, rather than bookmarking the resulting page due to the fact web-browsers strip off the authentication,

view ipcamera on smartphones