Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement:

Their own Interpretation of that agreement:



10% admin fee


Much of their funding sounds very project based, not really operational based, although I don't see any exclusions of that. We should seriously start coming up with pie-in the sky projects we would like to see funded that we can tack on operational costs onto.

Greg's Research Findings

Notes from 8/14/11

Ok on go with School factory,

We need to see if we can contract in 2 way bi monthly meeting just to make sure the irons in the fire are tended (as per outlined above)

one way to CYA is to do snail mail with return receipts -bandit

restructure, and setup new board.

Notes RE addendum to School Factory agreement
- want additional communication methods in the agreement
- monthly? phone call? skype? as requested? in conjunction with board meeting?

First draft of the wording:

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