Treasurer's Office

Below is a repository of the operating documents for the Office of the Treasury. Directors who currently belong to the Office of the Treasury are as follows:

  • Treasurer
  • Tsar of Maintenance
  • Commissar of Membership


The Treasurer is an officer responsible for the financial management of Quelab. This officer is one of the signatories on the financial account, and is authorised to make financial transactions. Among the duties to be performed are:

  • Quarterly reporting to Space Federation (our Fiscal Sponsor)
  • Annual filing with the State of New Mexico
    • Corporation Commission (for good standing)
    • Taxation and Revenue (tax reporting)
  • Custodian of the Special Interest Funds
    • 3D Printer Club
    • Other donation-generating Clubs/Interest Groups
  • Conduct transactions
    • Payment of Utilities (Power, Water, Insurance)
    • Payment of Filing Fees (State, Federal)
    • Payment of Rent
  • Supervision of Directors of Maintenance and Membership
  • Accounting for Charitable donations
    • Issuance of tax receipts for donors
    • Reporting in-kind donations to SpaceFed


The Tsar of Maintenance is a director responsible for the well-being of the space. This includes, but is not limited to: janitorial, minor repairs (interior and exterior), weed control, and general tidyness. They will coordinate with the landlord concerning major repairs and additions or modifications to the space. They will chair the Maintenance Taskforce to set new policies for the space and to schedule clean-up days.

Maintenance Duties?

  • Maintain Member Storage space
  • Attend Space Planning committe meetings
    • Does not need to chair, just needs to attend


The Commissar of Membership is a director responsible for the membership rolls. They will ensure that all members have a valid and current liability waiver, that they are paid in full for the month, and maintain the database of member's email addresses to ensure validity of contact information. They will chair the Membership Taskforce to set new policies and set membership levels.

Membership Policies

Documents & Reports

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