Hello, Im Adric, I was delighted to hear about the idea of quelab when Gabe first voiced it as a little idea percolating in the back of his mind. And while my interests and needs differ from his, I think we find a good balance of forward thinking and diverse interests that will serve well getting this project going.

I'm not in much need of the co-working day to day stuff, I have a good day job and it takes up much of my time, But i'm always tinkering with and working on things and projects and sometimes i get stumped. So in those events its nice to have others of similar interest.

Also, I'm looking forward to having Talks, lectures, presentations, and even artist events here.

If you need me, feel free to email me at adric at urbexnm.com or txt my cell its number is on the whiteboard!

Here is a quick link to slides from The IgniteNM9 Talk I did on Layperson Locksmithing