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August 11, 2010, at 01:06 PM by Geoff Nicholson -
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I'm Geoff, an occasional hacker, web programmer and geek based in Albuquerque. I'm really interested in the whole hacker ethic, and the Maker community, but was rather sad there wasn't such a space here. I'd hear about all the cool things that they're doing at Noisebridge (SF Bay) or and be sad that I didn't know a bunch of folks who were doing stuff like that here.

I encountered Quelab at the second Ignite-NM, and was sold from then on.

As a tinkerer, I needed a space to build my projects, a place to hold my tools, and a place to bounce my ideas off of other people, and Quelab has fulfilled that need.

So, here I am, seizing my creativity and exploding with inspiration.