Picked up a few desklamps and some activated carbon solder fume filter material. I plan to replace the bulb with a pc fan, a filter, a 12v power supply, and a panel of white led's, So that we can solder/desolder stuff in the back lab more safely, and also light up the work.


  • Lamps. Picked two up (one for home one for quelab)
  • solder fume filter, picked up some replacement pads from hosfelt.
  • 80mm pc fan,
  • grills for 80mm fan
  • small 12v wallwart
  • 12v white led panel. (from dealextreme.com)
  • lamp socket to plug adapter

Plan afix the wallwart to the lamp adapter, fit the fan in with some blocking foam to make it pull through the pad properly, and when they get here afix the lights.

First one is done sans the LED's and they should be easy to wire up, and affix when they come in,

Photo of it