Initial Research

The business actions of PayPal as a de facto monopoly on electronic payment processing has caused a kerfluffle in the DIY community. Alternatives exist:

Subscriptions: YES
Fees: 2.9% + $.30 (2.2% + $.30 if 501(c)(3))
Reocurring payments w/o Account $239.88/yr

Amazon Payments
Subscriptions: YES
Fees: 2.9% + $.30

Google Checkout
Subscriptions YES (experimental)
Fees: 2.9% + $.30

Subscriptions: YES (Client-Side)
Fees: $.25 (No CC)

Subscriptions: NO (In Person only)
Fees: 2.75%

Subscriptions: YES (Scheduled Recurring Invoice)
Processor Fees: 2.9%+.30 (1%+.30 for ACH)
Storefront/Ticketing: 4.9%+.30 (3%+.30 for ACH)
(The fees used to be a flat 3% for everything they've rearranged; no swipe on CC transactions and can be done on smartphones/tablets/website) -- Used by Hive76 (Philadelphia)

Subscriptions: NO (In Person only)
Fees: 2.7%
Reading the ToS this appears to be a Square-like addon for customers of Intuit's Payment service (a monthly-fee service which charges at best 1.9%+$.30 per transaction and $13/mo). Subscriptions are available for Payment services accounts, not with GoPayments.

Subscriptions: Sometimes
Fees: $25-50/mo + Processor Fees
Does not perform credit-card transactions themselves, but farm that out to our favourite payment processor (Paypal/Google). Provides membership management software (500 max + subscriptions at $50 level), Event Ticketing, Donations -- used by Jigsaw Renaissance (Seattle)

Further Research
Due to a 'no surcharge' policy with PayPal, we would not be able to continue using PayPal and charge a different rate for our memberships for the pleasure of using their service.

Based on the current fee structures, to be able to recoup the 'full amount' of our membership value through payments other than cash or check, we would need to raise our rates across the board to one of the following rates to have the deposit match what we want to see after fees.

The unfortunate news is that Amazon is now charging the same fees as PayPal, even if there is a valid 501(c)3 on file, and the reocurring buttons still require 'programming'.

$36.35 via PayPal/Amazon
$35.99 via Square

After discovering WePay through Hive76, I looked into it and they don't have a way to do subscriptions, but they do have 'invoices' which can be shared amongst a number of people (say, the membership list) which can be sent out on a monthly basis (manually by the membership officer) and we can ask for money on the first, and be paid in as people pay up. The flat 3.5% charge on $35 works out to $1.23. ** With their new TOS changes, they charge the same as PayPal for invoice transactions, but their storefront fees have doubled. However, using WePay, the bank account transfer is for folks without a credit card (it does an ACH transfer from the customer's bank and posts it to our account; withdrawing money is free)