It’s time to teach classes! The schedule is up (on paper – how old school!) in the core at Quelab. If you reserve a date, send email to the events coordinator and they’ll help you get the class rolling. Get your ideas together, and sign up tonight!

We’ve done things like Space Scenes, Oil Changes, Homebrewing, Screenprinting, Light Jars, Knitting, Personal Locksmithing, Arduino Programming, and 3D Printing Design. But that’s not all we’re about, and we’d love to have repeat classes.

In fact, we’re collaborating with ABQ Old School on hosting a class about making your own Rocket Stove, so the teachers don’t even have to be Quelab members! If you, or someone you know, has a passion about a subject (any subject) and a desire to pass along that passion, get in contact with us!


Greetings, Quelabbers! This week, I’ve got a quick blog post from the world of Hackerspace News.

While perusing Hack-a-Day this week, I discovered that Null Space Labs (NSL) has encountered some unexpected building problems: Their current location is going to be gutted for a remodel in March, and they have to vacate their space by 23 Feburary. After having gone through our own move recently, I’m positive that is not doing them good things.

They’ve put up a crowdfunding campaign to help defray the cost of getting First and Last Month’s rent together, and get everything packed and moved in less than a month. Boosting the signal, here’s the link to help Save Nullspace Labs.

(To get an idea as to what sort of stuff needs to be moved, check out the Hack-a-Day Tour) or visit them at


Thank you all whom attended or sent in a proxy ballot. Your input is very important to the future of Quelab!

One minor change to our bylaws was made under full board consensus, and that was to drop the Quorum requirement from 70% to 60% to better reflect our active vs mostly non-local/non-active membership ratio.

I don’t think that folks could have picked wrong with the candidates on the ballot. Everyone involved was passionate and would have been a fine choice, but while many of the previous members were re-elected we did change out 3 seats.

Please welcome our new and returning Board members,
Walter Duran, Ray Finch, Addie Fryweaver, Cameron Goble, Adric Menning, Charel Morris, and Geoff Nicholson. These folks are all here for the betterment and continuation of Quelab, if you have questions or problems or anything they can help with please contact one or more of them!

For everybody else there is a lot of room for help, and especially lots of room and need for Officers(the people who are effectively the managers and taskforces for areas and activities).

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This is the public notice of election for the Board of Directors for Quelab. The members list and announcement list have already been notified, but for folks who aren’t on either, here’s the notification.

Members in Good Standing are called to attend a special meeting to conduct the election, it will be held at Quelab (680 Haines NW, Albuquerque NM 87102) on Saturday January 25th, 2014 at 7pm.

This will be the election of all 7 seats on the Board of Directors. This is intended to be a quick vote and will not take up too much of your time. The slate of nominees and proxy ballot will be sent out to all members in good standing on January 18th.

In order to reach a quorum at least 70% of the membership is needed to participate (in person or via proxy vote). This is a very important meeting, your attendance is highly encouraged.


Howdy all,
And best wishes for the upcoming New Year! This is just a quick reminder about the monthly planning meeting coming up next Sunday at Quelab. This will be held at the regularly scheduled time, with potluck starting at 4:30 and the meeting at 5 pm.

Please make sure to review the “cardstorming” work done last month during December’s strategic planning session. Here is a link to those meeting minutes

The plan is to sort through and prioritize all the things that we want to do in 2014. Here’s a link to this month’s agenda. Be there to have your opinions heard and to point Quelab in the right direction for the next year!

Please email the board AT with any additional questions. Thanks!
-Greg, Quelab prez


I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 5 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 27 & 29th, 2013.

Read Part 1 of this seriespart 2, part 3,  or part 4 if you missed them.

When last you left us, disaster had struck!  As I was reassembling the foosball table, heretofore hidden damage revealed itself on other cream-colored foosball men as they were tightened on their rods.  Oh noes!

Morgan & Celeste helped me choose a new set of guys.  I ordered from eBay seller “blazingstarbiz2009” a complete set of 26 red & blue foosball guys.  I only need 22, but having the four extra guys will mean that I will never break a guy on this table.  At least, I hope that’s what it will mean!

Yay!  It came, it came, it came!  Let’s hear it for Priority mail!

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The new space is progressing along, slow but sure!  Here are some pics:

Rollup Door:

The garage door into the warehouse area has been trimmed out.  Last week, Bandit trimmed the two bolts protruding from the concrete, but we still need to remove the parking barrier in front of the rollup door.


3d Printing Room:

In room #10, Alfred & his brother John built this great counter & shelf.  I am thinking of stealing, er, borrowing the format for other places in the space.  It looks very professional!



Room-yet-to-be-named, you know, for crafting & junk:

We have been referring to this room (#3 on the map, for those of you keeping count) as the Crafting room, but the people that do the crafts don’t seem to like that term, so I don’t know what we are calling it.  In any case, if any of you were in the space in the first few weeks after the move, basically everything from the old space got dropped into rooms #2 & #3.  They were jam-packed. I don’t know who started the cleanout process, but I was in the space one day when Walter & Alfred were finishing it.  Addie chose this table to go into this room (though Walter & I were discussing how to re-do the damaged  trim strip around the table, so it may temporarily move to the shop for repairs, oh, “someday”, I guess).  I believe further plans call for a small counter on the east wall (where the blue cabinet is, in the below picture), and the french cleat system used in some of the shop areas may be installed in this room as well.



Gaming/Arcade Room:

This room, #2 on the map, was also jam packed from stuff during the move. I was pleasantly surprised when I came in to find it almost empty!  Walter tells me that he wants to switch rooms 5 & 2.  Room #5 was marked down as Gaming & Arcade, and indeed, we put the asteroids cabinet there during the move.  However, I agree with Walter… room 5 is narrow, and not really suited for the Arcade Cabinet (cabinetS now, I guess). Room #2 was marked for use as Library space & the open access PC.  However, room #2 is a little large for “just” that, so I think switching the two rooms makes sense to me.



Electronics Lab workshop:

Bandit has made some great progress in the Electronics space. He has a very solid base built for the counters that will be set up.  I think it might be strong enough to stand on!  We were impressed enough that Alfred used the same techniques in building the counter in room 10, the 3d Printing room.




I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 4 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 23 & 24, 2013.

Read Part 1 of this series, part 2, or part 3 if you missed them.

When last you left us, I had painted all the rusty fasteners a nice glossy black:


It’s been a few days, so there’s been plenty of time for drying (or would that be curing?), even with how cold the space is kept when unoccupied.   Even though my package of new guys & foosballs isn’t here yet, I figured I could go ahead and reassemble the table except for the last four guys, the middle rod that carries four guys!

I bolted the legs back on, and put the screws back into the side rod holders… I think the paint job really dresses up the table in a nice yet subtle way!


Compare that to this shot when they were all rusty:


It’s subtle, and you may not even be consciously aware of the difference, but I bet you’ll like the table with the painted fasteners better than the one with the rusty fasteners!

So I started reassembling the table.  The legs bolted on, then flip the table.  Then start inserting the rods & assembling the bumpers & men to them. That is when disaster struck.  Even though I took great care to not overtighten the bolts & screws that hold the men on, as I tightened the bolts, cracks became visible on several of the cream-colored men. (I didn’t cause the cracks, but tightening the bolts revealed damage I had missed in my earlier assessment.)  This meant that I didn’t have four damaged foosball guys as I originally thought, I had 5, no 7, no 8!  Eight broken, damaged foosball guys!  And the shipment I am waiting for from Mueller’s only has four replacement guys.  DURN BURN IT!


What to do, what to do…

While I could order more replacement guys, that would mean even more shipping charges, and I figured the others were ticking timebombs, why not just replace the whole kit & kaboodle?  And that’s what I did. After discussion with Morgan & Celeste (they were in Quelab that day), I decided to buy a complete set of foosball men from eBay.

The next day, my order came in from Mueller’s.  Talk about bittersweet.



Well, at least now I have balls to play with.

Next time: Reassembly, and a finished table…  ”this time for sure!”


I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 3 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 19 & 20, 2013.

Read Part 1 of this series, or part 2 if you missed them.

Next on the agenda were repairs, more cleaning of the table, and some cosmetic work.

I wanted to repair the banked corners that had fallen.  Looks like the staples came loose.  I guess it could have been being left outside for so long, or perhaps something was set on them that caused them to come loose.  I don’t know, don’t care, just want them fixed. Hmmm… looks like I’ll have to disassemble a lot of the table for the best repair of the corners.

Flip the table:


Unbolt the legs:


Remove the bracing & the playing surface itself (man, that thing’s dirty!  How long did this thing sit outside?!?!):


What I ended up doing was gently tapping the staples back into place with a screwdriver used as a chisel (something you should never do – do as I say, kids, not as I do).  They seemed to set back into place nicely; time will tell how sturdy & long-lasting the repair will be.


Then more cleanup of the playing surface.  MAN, this thing was dirty.


AND THE BALL RETURNS, TOO!  I mean, really… how long did this thing sit in the weather?!?!  Here you see I’ve reinstalled the playing surface & bracing, and one of the ball returns cleaned (well, as cleaned as they are going to be this time around…)


Both cleaned:


Reinstalling the ball returns:


Yay!  All back together.


The only remaining thing I did today was brush down the rusty fasteners & paint them.  I pushed them into a box, and painted them with glass black Rustoleum Epoxy appliance paint.  However, I didn’t get a picture until the painting was done:


I left that to dry, and would come back for reassembly in a day or two.

Next time: DISASTER (well, as disastrous as you can get trying to fix up a foosball table)


I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 2 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 17, 2013.

Read Part 1 of this series, if you missed it.

I boxed & bagged parts as I took them apart, and made some notes, too.  The bumpers could easily go together wrong: plastic washer, metal washer, rubber bumper, plastic washer.  And the metal washer goes to the inside of the table, by the foosball guy.  And the goalies have an additional metal stop ring that gets mounted… in place of additional goalies, I guess?  Anyway, take notes & lots of pictures when you do something like this… it will pay off in the end (a lesson I was reminded of with this very project.  More on that in a future installment).

The rods bumped around in the back of my truck for a day or two until I finally brought them inside and wiped them down.  They really could use some chrome polish, or barkeep’s friend or the like, but for now I just vigorously wiped them down with an all-purpose cleaner.   Then to clean the rest of the table’s parts… this little project gave me a chance to use my ultrasonic cleaner!


I love having a Harbor Freight store in the town.  It’s great! And if you check any number of magazines, the newspaper, or online, you can always find percentage off coupons to help bring down the costs of whatever you’re buying.  This particular cleaner, I bought at HarborFreight to clean motorcycle carburetors, believe it or not.  I’ve read on the ‘net (gotta love the internet) that you can use an ultrasonic cleaner with regular dish detergent (Dawn was recommended) and effectively clean out motorcycle carbs.  I have a project bike in the back yard, an ’81 Honda CB400T, that WILL someday be put back on the road.  I bought the cleaner for that purpose, but have never gotten around to opening it & actually cleaning the carbs, so this will be its maiden voyage: cleaning parts from a foosball table.

Here is the yellow team getting sonic’d:



And here is the tan team getting sonic’d:


Strange (or maybe not), but the only damaged foosball guys were the tan team… all the yellow guys were just fine.  I assume it’s a characteristic of the tan plastic, or perhaps something in the manufacturing. I suppose it could just be that the tan team was played by Moose & Reggie, while the yellow team was played by Archie & Jughead. (I bet that Moose guy would be super hard on foosball guys, don’t you think?)

Then the bumpers & washers, etc. got a bath, too:


Here is the damage tally: Four guys down.  One paraplegic (no legs), one bionic guy (legs broken off but secured back on because we have the technology to make him faster, better, etc.), and two guys that are accidents waiting to happen: cracks across their chests, right in line with the rods they are mounted on (sorry about the bad picture quality; I had real difficulty getting this shot, no idea why).


With the damage assessed, I made a decision for the project: I would do it as cheaply as possible.  I searched online and between eBay & a number of specialty web sites, I ordered (4) tan guys & a dozen foosballs from Mueller Receational Products. Four “New Style Tournament Soccer Man-Cream” (oops; I guess they’re “cream”, not “tan”) and a dozen “Tournament Soccer White Engraved Foosballs” were less than $20.  Cheap enough.   I can’t wait for the delivery…

Next time: table repairs & more cleanup.