Hello Hackers!

There is an order being organized on Facebook, the Quelab Forums and in a gSpreadsheet to Adafruit and Mouser. If sufficient interest is gathered, we can also do a similar transaction with Sparkfun, DigiKey, Jameco, Solarbotics or Pololu.

If you have a need for some components, if you have a desire for some kits, if you have a want for some swag, hit us up in the comments and we’ll hook you up. If this becomes incredibly popular, we may have to resurrect the idea for the hardware canteen!

**UPDATE2: Order completed on 27 March 2013. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Greetings Makers!

Our little hiccup with the Electrical company have been ironed out, and power has been restored to Quelab! Cue the maniacal laughter.


Don’t forget, next week is our regularly-scheduled Network Security themed “Packet Party”, 14 March 2013 at 1930. Join Quelab Member Jeremy Hoel on the second Thursday of every month.
This is a rather free-form, open-format meeting; there aren’t any official materials we will be working from, and there is no set curriculum to be followed. Our last Packet Party had people learning how to unwrap a network packet using PCAP, and read the contents (sniffing for login credentials). Jeremy would be able to provide information about network monitoring, forensics, security IDs, you name it.

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Thru a problem with PNM, the power is out and it will be at least Monday(They said maybe Wednesday) before the power is back on.

So, Sunday Night Hacknight is canceled, along with the organizational meeting for Hacker Scouts. The BoD still needs to decide if we are going to have the General Meeting.

Please check here (this website and the Quelab Facebook page) for more information on Tuesday Hacknight, the Stilts Class, and Sunday General Meeting.

We will have the Hacker Scouts organizational meeting at the Sunday Hacknight on 10 March at 7:30pm.

We are very sad about this and will be dealing with PNM to resolve the problem. We are really sorry about the inconvenience.

***UPdate! Stilts class is still on, the loan of a generator and a inverter/battery power to still do it!

** Update 2: Power has been restored**


Reminder, our usual monthly (First Sunday of the month), planning/info meeting is coming up Sunday. And after that there will be the First meeting of the planning group for Hacker Scouts.

Below is a link to the Agenda, its a work in progress, and as usual the meeting notes will be appended to it. please show up on time 4:30 those who do show will be included in the headcount for pizza.


Greetings Quelabites!

Did you know that Braile was invented by a teenager? Did you know that Ada Lovlace got interested in mathematics at age 13? Did you hear about the Kenyan boy who designed an lion-scaring device at age 13? It’s obvious that starting with science and technology at a young age is possible, and laudable.

Google, Scientific American, LEGO Group, CERN, and National Geographic are joining together to start the 2013 Google Science Fair, where they’re encouraging students world-wide from 13-18 to submit their projects. They’ll take these entrants through 30 April 2013, and in June announce the 90 semi-finalists (30 from the Americas; 30 from Europe, Middle East & Africa; and 30 from the Asia & Pacific region), and then judges will pick the top 15 contestants to be judged in the finals in September.

So if you, or a young hacker you know, is interested in competing in an International science fair with sponsors like CERN and Scientific American, and have an idea to change the world, check out the video from the Google Blog, then head over to www.googlesciencefair.com and register.

Sounds pretty cool! Almost makes me want to be 16 again!


Our organizing meeting will be Sun 3 March during Open Hack Night(7-10pm). BUT – please feel free to contact me before that! … bandit

More info on Hackerscouts:

Dear Maker Families,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce an addition to our programming. At Hacker Scouts, our mission has always been very clear to us. While our Guild must maintain an age limit to encourage and support complex concepts and skill building at a developmentally appropriate level, Open Lab has always remained all ages. We really try in Open Lab to always have at least one or two activities that can be modified for our younger Makers and engage whole families.

We hear fairly regularly, however, from parents who would like to have a more consistent experience like Guild for their younger children. When we joined the fiscal umbrella of the School Factory, we merged with Maker Scouts but kept our name. We are now pleased to announce that Maker Scouts lives on! A fully developed program for ages 4-8 that meets weekly, Maker Scout Guilds will focus on STEAM concepts and activities, and build confidence in our youngest makers. It will also give them a solid foundation for when they are old enough to graduate into a Hacker Scouts Guild. Go here to read more!

We are currently looking for leaders for our Oakland and South Bay Maker Scouts Guild. If you are interested, please let us know. Also, we are very close to securing a location for the South Bay Hacker Scouts Guild and hope to be starting next month!

We are also in the process of forming Guilds in Seattle, Los Angeles and Brookville, MD (just outside the Washington DC Metro area). If you are in these locations (or know someone who is) and would like to be involved, contact us!

Reminder: Open Lab is this Sunday 2/17 from 2-5pm! Awesome Wood Gliders that soar incredibly high, beautiful Handmade Books, and amazing Tesla Coils!

I also want to introduce two newer members of our team:
Jarick Cammarato joined us from Maker Scouts as our Director of Youth Outcomes,and is the Guild 003 leader in Charleston SC.
Jean Kaneko from the Exploratory in Los Angeles joins us as Director of Maker Scouts. She and her team have an extensive background in early childhood education and Making, and we will be working closely to consistently align the two programs.

Finally, we are migrating to new websites: hacker-scouts.org and makerscouts.org up and almost complete! Thanks for your patience as we get all the information posted.
If you have any questions or interest in any of our programs, please contact us!
Samantha Cook
Executive Director, Hacker Scouts

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Ever wanted to learn to walk on stilts? The first step is to get some and try to walk on them! Peg stilts are very expensive for no good reason, so Kristen and Copper will be teaching a hands-on course in peg stilt making out of some wood, bolts, and ties at Quelab, 11am on March 2nd.

Taught by Kristen Woods and Copper Flame of The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective. The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective is an organization dedicated to the Aerial Arts. Members occasionally dabble in other arts, like juggling, acrobatics, and stilting. Copper and Kristen both learned stilting at Wise Fool NM.

This is fun for the whole family!

Please bring 1 pair of kneepads per stilt-walker; the materials to build the stilts are included in each admission price.

Eventbrite - Stilts!


CarboyBeer. Mead. Cider. Each of these beverages have a number of things in common, but first and foremost: Yeast. This little microbe has so many tasty uses, we will gladly consume it’s products.

The other thing these libations have in common is the time-consuming process… and the delicious results. This mostly-lecture class will discuss the history of beer, and then the finisher will be showing you the process on how YOU can make your own libations, and how you can use the insatiable appetite of yeast to your own purposes.

Eventbrite - Brewing 102

On Saturday, 23 February at 1PM, we will start a batch of a Partial Grain Ale, and talk about the history and process of making beer. As an added treat, the product of our last class will be available for tasting.

Hooray Beer!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This class is 18+; NM Statute only restricts the manufacture of alcohol for sale, and the sale of alcohol to minors (21-). This generally is considered to mean that all adults can make alcohol in quantities suitable for personal consumption (aka ‘culinary purposes’); YMMV.

(Photo from Joshk@wikipedia cc-by-sa)


Here’s a return of an old standby which we wanted to bring back at Quelab: Board Game Night. Come join Quelab memeber Geoff Nicholson who will be opening the space and bringing out his collection of multi-player boardgames, but we invite you to bring your own. Our next board game night will be Monday, 21 January at 1930.

Whether it’s a ‘German’ style game (Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico), a Strategy game (Risk, Axis and Allies), a Deck-Building Game (Dominion, Thunderstone, Ascension), a card-based game (Pit, Fluxx, Ratsplatter), or just a fun romp (Zombies, Gother than Thou, Gloom, Cards Against Humanity) come on down and play some games!

And if you’ve got a game you want to try out, or a favourite which you need more people to play again, bring them along too: the more the merrier!