Greetings Quelabbers!

This is a quick reminder for everyone on the blog about the upcoming events in July. We’ve got a pretty active community here, and we invite you to come on down!


What would YOU like a workshop on? Want to teach one? Contact the board!


As a reminder, access to all of these regular events are only $5 per person. (Members get in for Free!)

2600On the first Friday of every month, we host the local branch of 2600 and have a little open-house and roundtable where fans of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly get together and talk shop.


Packet PartyOn the second Thursday of every month, we host a Packet Party. This is a rather free-form, open-format meeting; there aren’t any official materials we will be working from, and there is no set curriculum to be followed. The topics covered are general Network security, monitoring, forensics, and the like.


Hack NightOur weekly Tuesday and Sunday hack-nights are also open-house events. Come on down, bring a project and use the community workshop to further your plans. (World Domination optional)


Albuquerque Mini Maker FaireThe Maker Faire is back! They will be hosting their organizational meetings at Quelab every Wednesday through the Faire itself in September. If you’re interested in helping put on the “Greatest Show (and Tell)” in the state, this is the group to get involved with.



19 July – Explora Adult NightJoin the Explora Science Center for their Adult Night on 19 July. This will give you access to the science museum after-hours and without the hordes of children running around. They have live music and live Astronomy going on as well.


Quelab is a Community, and we welcome events every night of the week, and every day of the month. If you have an idea for a workshop, or want to host an event, please let us know! Past events have been board game nights, brewing classes, screen-printing, steampunk crafting, Arduino programming, and glass etching. If any of these interest you, let us know; if you have an idea that you think would work for a class, let us know too. Quelab is your space, let’s use it!


Revive Wardenclyffe! Previously on this blog, I linked to the campaign to purchase Nikolai Tesla’s Wardenclyffe laboratory. Thanks to the support of people from more than 108 countries they raised raised over $1.37 million in 45 days (surpassing the original goal of $850,000). This run allowed the Tesla Science Center to purchase the site. After a number of clean-up days, the unfortunate news has come out… the building is falling apart rapidly. Many of its historic features require immediate attention in order to be preserved.

To this end, and in honor of Tesla’s 157th birthday this year, they are staring the next phase in the race to restore Tesla’s laboratory and preserve his legacy.

Spread the word far and wide, and help us #ReviveWardenclyffe.


New Mexico and much of the west is a huge tinderbox. The city, County and state have various firework bans going.

So here is a few passtimes you can do without fire or atleast with a very minimal chance of bigger fire.

-How about something that can be done in the kitchen, Food coloring falling explosions!
Just need a tall jar, vegetable oil water and food coloring instructions can be found here. Some little LED flashlights can be fun for lighting up individual drops.

-Two years ago we brought you the link for another Kitchen idea, involving whole milk, food coloring and a little dish soap

-Or last year, the Folded paper banger.

-Firecracker likesound? how about a bomb bag?

-How about Mentos and Diet coke?
Or Even how about a mentos and coke rocket?

-Popsicle Stick bombs?
Or even more on stick bombs, including how to make very long Domino type chain reactions.

-Sad you cant write your name in the air with a sparkler? how about setting up a camera for some Light painting? (Quelab has done one workshop on this, hopefully in our next space we will have more room to do this type of thing!

-Fireworks in your mouth? You ever had poprocks? Its a little tricky to make candy with liquid co2 at home, but you can make a very similar confection!

Crazy Russian Hacker, and Household hacker teamed up to show you how to make elephant toothpaste or a kind of form of silly string.

From the random file i have,
-Glowsticks! They are awesome on their own, but for science abuse, not bright enough? try microwaving them for 5 seconds (careful if you do it too long they can melt or leak), if its no brighter after 5, give it another 5, but no more than 15 seconds total!

-bubblewrap! who needs firecrackers if you can pop or jump on or runover with a bike bubblewrap!

-Sprinklers or Slipnslide fun!

-Squirtgun fights!

What are your ideas?

Please share this around! These are just a few of the many ways Quelab wants you to be creative and have fun!

Quelab just compiled most of these links the credit goes directly to the people who made these for coming up with great posts on these subjects!
Happy 4th of July for you all!


We are going to do a Judo-bot build on Saturday 13 July at Quelab 1p-4p. Fight the Judo-bots after building them! If you saw the Judo-bot at ACE, you know what they are. See for the build instructions. This is a parent-child (8-14) activity. Kits are $20. We should have an EventBrite up Real Soon Now, or just send an RSVP to board (at) with your name and contact info. See our flicr page around for pictures!

UPDATE: We had a Great turnout of 6 Judo-bot builds! One parent bought a kit at the event for himself! A member brought his two kids at the last minute (Thanks Matt!). The pictures start at – all of the parents and kids had a great time. And thanks to JT for the help.

We *really* want to do a “Teach the Teachers” version of this. If you are a teacher, or a principal who wants this sort of event, please contact the Board (board (at) and I (bandit) will work with y’all to help put an event on.



Friends, Makers, Quelab Supporters!

We will be holding our next general meeting on 7th of July at 4:30pm MDT. Please take a look at the agenda of the items we will be discussing, and if you have any suggestions for the agenda, please leave a comment here, or speak with a board member.

Agenda Link


Ever need a screen or mesh to give your project more aesthetic appeal? As long as it doesn’t need to be too terribly strong, I have come up with a way of quickly (and easily) making custom meshes and screens using Slic3r and a 3D Printer.

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Quelab Booth!Quelab will once again be manning not only a Booth at the Albuquerque Comic Expo Today, Tomorrow and Sunday, But we will also be unveiling the Huge Project a few of our Quelab and community members built called the USS Q, Which is the Starship simulator bridge we built to play the game Artemis. in all its glory. But we will also be Come check it out.
Artimis Nav Engineering and Tactical

Come say HI! We Should have on sale $20 prepaid punch cards($25 value) for people to come down and work at Quelab Inventing/Fixing/Building/Learning/Sharing! And Much Much More!

And If you found out about Quelab through ACE, Then Come on buy for one of our open “Hacknights”, Tuesdays and Sundays (probably not too late this Sunday Due to ACE) 7pm-10pm come be a part of Albuquerque’s Maker/Builder/Inventor/Artist Community. We will also have Signup sheets for our upcoming Workshops and classes!

If you like what we do, then be sure to mark your calendar for this falls Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire. (not so mini this year!!) August 24th and 25th at the Balloon Museum Grounds!

*PS, Don’t be afraid, “Hacking” may get alot of bad press, but Quelab is all about open learning and teaching and inventing! (what hacking was before some crooks gave it a bad name)


Friends, Makers, Quelab Supporters!

We will be holding our next general meeting on 2th of June at 4:30pm MDT. Please take a look at the agenda of the items we will be discussing, and if you have any suggestions for the agenda, please leave a comment here, or speak with a board member.

Agenda Link


Sooner than it feels possible, but ABQ Comic Expo is coming! At the ABQ Convention Center June 21-23, Quelab has been assigned Booth #521 with the Star Wars Cosplayers behind us. We’ve got a 10×20 booth, which means we have twenty feet of aisle-space to show off the cool things which Quelab members have made, are making, and plan to make.

This is our opportunity to show off why Albuquerque has a hackerspace, and what a hackerspace can do for the ACE attendees. Now, this isn’t the Artemis booth, this is the “come see the cool stuff we do” and ‘drop in hackerspace’ booth. (Hopefully, this year, “cool things” doesn’t include the air-conditioner).

We need to be able to find the same amount of cool things to show off to the public, and we need LOTS more swag to both sell and give away. Learning from last year, we need plenty of Cheap Freebies (flyers, cards, etc) to give away, and not so much swag, unless it’s Maker Faire pins or soldering kits (with a free, on the spot class). We also need to have people sign up to man the booth, as well as setup on Friday Afternoon and teardown on Sunday Evening.

So who has a thing to show off?
And stay tuned for a big announcement regarding the Artemis project…

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Quelab's 3D Printer

Say hello to Quelab’s new, crowed funded, Prusa Mendel 3D Printer.

The following is a list of the awesome people who helped make it happen (in no particular order):

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