Want to Make a Creepy Thingy?


October is Spooky month at Quelab!  We are working on some of the creepy bump in the night tech, leading up to Quelab’s Haunted Lab on October 29th and 30th!

But before all that we have to build lots of creepy crawly things to supply our Haunted Lab, and we’re inviting you to join us!  Our first open class, will be October 2nd 7pm-10pm.  We will be showing how to sculpt and mold silicone calking, so you can make a jar full of creepy embalmed things (think Creepy Crawlers, but more DIY). We will supply the jars, silicone, molds, and paints. Bring your own things to make a mold of, and things like old mostly used up makeup (compacts, blushes and lipstick) that can give the transparent silicone a creepy coloring!

Cost for non members will be $10 ($5 for materials & $5 for hacknight), and you will get one creepy snaptop jar to house your creations in, nontoxic fluid, and a lot of fun!

As expected it was alot of fun, and people makde some very amazing creations, i will work on tagging the photos and adding a slideshow here later.

Meanwhile if you attended or even if you could not here are the instructions! (probably a future instructable!)


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