Cloning Ghosts Workshop!

tape people

Here at Quelab we have been working hard on the spooky arts for the month of October.  All of this will culminate in a big Haunted Lab Event on the last Saturday of the month (October 29th), where you will see our creations, play with some spooky science, and see how we made some realistic hunted house effects using off the shelf and recycled stuff.

But if you don’t want to wait until then to dive in to the spooky arts, join us at our Cloning Ghosts Workshop Sunday October 16, 7-10pm.  We will be making human-sized transparent ghosts! Think of how it will look on peeking out of your yard or buckled into your car.  Better yet, dress it up and send it to work for you!

Cost for non-members is $8.  Please RSVP by comment here, emailing, or at our Facebook event page.  Tell your friends!


Photos From the event here! 

For whom who missed it,  Its pretty simple, cling wrap your object, cover it with a few layers of tape, (5″-10″ sections), cut it off, tape it back together.   These form a remarkably sturdy structure, (much like paper mach)

Things can easily be joined together with a little tape to make all sorts of shapes.

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