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Who is interested in BEAM bots? Biology Electronic Aesthetic Mechanics? These are small, simple robots, built from a small number of discrete components. Part of the Aesthetic of these robots is to make a robot from a very simple analogue circuit. This is NOT something people are likely to be able to finish in a single event or hacknight. Two hacknights, perhaps. If we do this as an event, or just a way to increase hacknight participation we would want people to reserve a spot. We may want to order some slightly more expensive parts like solar panels or 555s.

About Mr.What

Electrical Engineer, working in Software Engineering for 20+ years. Wants to do more low level hardware and embedded work. Also interested in metal work.

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3 thoughts on “BEAM bots

  • adric

    I’d love to do this.
    We have alot of little solar lights(25 of them). And whole alot of un-tabbed thin solar silicone panels.  (maybe 100 of them), And Mark, brought us a trashbag of other solar lights.   so i think the solar aspect is covered.  we also have a cache of some of the dollar store fans. which have pretty good little hobby motors in them.   We also have some flashing led’s for some of the FLED based charge pulse circuits. 

    Every March, we plan to have robot month (Because “March of the robots” is just too cool of a event name to pass up), I don’t know if we would want to wait until then. or perhaps do a few workshops sooner so we have some good demos by the time march rolls around.

    • Aaron Birenboim

      March is good.  do some planning.  test some solar engine designs with the parts we have.  I have attempted FLED engines, but failed.  Also test some photovores.

  • Terri O

    I’d be interested, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to start showing up anyhow. 😉

    It’s been a long time since I did robotics work, though, so I’d probably need a refresher on stuff like soldering.