Ignite NM #14

Hey everybody, Ignite is coming up this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 7pm at the Albuquerque Convention Center in the Taos room. As you know, Ignite is a fundraiser for local nonprofits and this time funds are being raised for Quelab! We’re going to need volunteers both to pick things up from Quelab and at the event. Who can make it?

Another thing: we’re going to have the Ignite afterparty at Marble. Since Marble is so close to Quelab, Cameron and I were thinking it could be cool to open Quelab up to visitors on Wednesday night after the event. If you have any projects to show off, this would be a great time to have them set out/up.

Come out and support Quelab, Ignite, and the ABQ Tech Fiesta! See you tomorrow night!

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