Thank you Attendees of the Haunted Lab! (and our other Past/Future events) 1

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Haunted Lab!  Quelab puts these events on for a number of reasons.  One is just to expose people to a Hackerspace and give them ideas of things they could learn and play with in a space like ours. Hackerspaces such as Quelab, re like a self directed classroom for growing your imagination. But more importantly, they are a space where people can talk about and collaborate on ideas.

These collaborations may lead to just a little bit of learning, or a full blown product development and a successful small business startup. In today’s world its important for people to learn new skills, tricks, and ways of looking at things. I really think our nation’s future in inventing, engineering, and making won’t come about by turning out lots of cookie cutter degrees in the big schools, but through the expressions of individuality.

Another reason we put these events on is financial, to sustain Quelab and keep the dream alive. We need more people help to build this crazy synergy that usually starts with a small idea, and ends with an amazing contraption/robot/project/program…

We know a place like Quelab is not for everybody, but I think there are lots of people that don’t yet know that they need such a place. We aim to change that! And in the long run we hope that enough people come down on some of our Hacknights and try out building something, or taking something apart, or tinkering with an idea. That they get as addicted to the wondrous limitless possibility as we are!

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