Quelab Move

We are well into our 3rd year of operations, and Quelab is really beginning to grow. In fact we’re bursting at the seams! Quelab v1.0 can no longer support all the cool projects, educational workshops, and creative events that we have planned. We need to upgrade to a bigger space. Luckily, our New Location Task Force has found us an awesome building where we can relocate. Quelab v2.0 will give our members, and the community, an enhanced creative outlet and an opportunity for continued growth. Please donate to our Moving Expenses fundraiser campaign and you too could take advantage of this amazing new location with all it has to offer.

With this new space we will finally have room for the professional grade tools that will set us apart from the average handy-man’s garage. We will be moving out of the “frat-house” and into a warehouse space that has room for long duration projects and more storage. We will even have room for the plethora of parts and supplies that currently cover every available surface.

Additionally we will keep plenty of room for those with less messy projects. A space where they may hone their craft, without worrying about it getting covered in metal shavings, or drowned out by the drill press and band saw.

To see some rough cameraphone video of the space (warning JIGGLE CAM AHEAD)
Here is a playlist of 2 videos we shot a few months ago when looking at the space. There will be some changes/improvements, made prior to move in, but you will get the gist.