Swap Meet / Geek Fest November 19th 2

We wanted to do another big community tech yardsale.  Then we got too busy to pull it off.  Now its cold.  so we are going to do it  INDOORS!

Go find your old computers/gadgets/toys!!! and Get ready!

Recycling, Indoor Swap-Meet Fund-Raising to help build our community workspace for learning/teaching about how things work.

Quelab Albuquerque’s Maker/Hackerspace is a great place to tinker with electronics, and to take apart old things and build new and exciting things, its better than recycling, its upcycling. But we are drowning in castoffs spares and other gadgets. Help us empty our closets, and help yourself by emptying out your old closets of unused tech stuff. We are doing an indoor Swapmeet! Rather than standing around in the cold doing a yardsale, we are opening up inside, to host a Recycle your Junk Swap-meet.

Stay warm with Hot Cider and Coffee (Coffee thanks to http://www.aromacup.com/ )

Think of it as a Ham Radio Swap-Meet with even more interesting stuff! Its hard to categorize what all will be there, but a simple list would likely include, computers, laptops, gadgets, books, parts, cameras, optics, radios, toys, printers, test equipment, tools and possibly even furniture, lighting and craft supplies!

This is open to members and the public, everyone is encouraged to bring things to trade or sell! Donate whatever percent of the sale you feel like to Quelab! All Proceeds go towards buying parts supplies, consumables, and other operational expenses.

Meet interesting people who love tinkering with technology

Come/Bring things And tell everyone (especially your crazy uncle with a garage full of old gadgets!)

Further Details:

When: 8am-12pm Saturday November 19th

Where: Quelab, 1112 2nd street NW!

RSVP to sell by coming to Tuesday(8th or 15th) or Sunday(13th) Hacknights, or Email board@quelab.net


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2 thoughts on “Swap Meet / Geek Fest November 19th

  • AbqDez

    Does anyone have a “wishlist”  of things they hope to find?  
    Would anyone mind letting me know some of the items (& ~Prices?~).
        I have a friend who lives in Santa Fe, & Im hoping he will come give me a ride,  but he is unsure if it would be worth the trip (I have said YES, of course it is but he would like to know what to expect when he gets there) Specifically he wants to know how much things will be going for.  (He is not interested in 0.05 stuff )

    • adric

      Its really hard to say,  there will likely be a fair bit of old Heathkit, stuff,  a few ossilliscopes,  solar lights, computer parts.  books. gadgets, printers, optics, RC-toys, and alot of random electronics.   And that jsut the stuff we are supplying,  hare are a few photos from the last one, https://secure.flickr.com/search/?w=58068110@N00&q=yardsale

      As for pricing, its hard to say, we are encouraging everyone to barter/trade price their own stuff.  there may have been some $50 dollar items last yardsale but most were in the $1-$20 range.