Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Heres a quick rundown, of upcoming stuff at the lab.    We are moving The board & public/members meetings from Thanksgiving weekend, to the Sunday after. Which is conveniently the first Sunday of the month.  Where we are hoping to move the future meetings to.  (this will facilitate many things including membership dues payments and some schedule issues)

Dec 2nd, Local 2600 Hacker Quarterly meeting 6-9pm (free and open to anyone curious about things)
Dec 3rd: Barcamp  After hours Social,  Snacks and beverages,  possibly even beer (donation sugested) hours? 6-9pm?
Dec 4th: 1pm-??  Insulation install fest.  We are going to be learning all about blowing insulation into attics.
5pm-6pm  Board meeting, Quelabs board and any members interested in attending,
6pm-7pm  Public/Planning meeting, public and members encouraged to attend.

7pm-10pm Deck the Lab,  This will be the first workshop where we go over the project, (this will be a 3parter)

Dec 11th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  We will look into automating holiday lights and music,
Dec 13th 7pm-10pm  TechMas!  This is a craftastic event. last year we had a lot of fun making pretty things from recycled computer parts!
Dec 18th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  Hopefully finishing up the project!
Dec 20th 7pm-10pm  Techmas part 2,  for all those who could not make part 1, wanted to do more, or need to finish up!

January 1st is when the next public meeting is scheduled.. this may change due to travel/absenteeism.

*Actually November’s meetings a being delayed until probably the 11th of December, Due to Absenteeism!

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