Techmas! (AGAIN!) Tuesday! This is the big geeky holiday crafting event!

Tuesday the 20th! Quelab is taking a step back from our more usual, high tech, and going for an event that can appeal to everybody, from high-tech uber geek to causal crafter. All ages, (although there may be some semi dangerous tools, and supplies that may not be appropriate for super young kids without supervison/help.

Last year Techmas, we a great success, several wreaths, and circuitboard trees were made, there were also component creatures, and musical instruments, ornaments and tree/wall hangings, and blinking nose rudolph computer mice, abominable snowmen, and much much more crafted.

As a partial list, We have circuit boards, we have components. gadgets, wire, adhesives, Shapeloc(tm)/friendly plastic, felt, papers, leather, gears, brushes, spraypaints, drillpresses, bandsaws, ordainment hooks, LED’s, batteries, aluminum cans, beads, cogs, ribbons, tape, heat shrink tube, silicone casting/sculpting putty, and much much more! What are you bringing to craft with?

My suggestion would be, obsolete memory cards, un-wanted game pieces, pretty cdr/dvdr disks, ribbons, interesting wires, clockwork/mechanical things. old gadgets… and all sorts of other generic crafting supplies!

Tuesday 12/13 and 12/20 7pm-10pm!
kids under 12 free, non members are asked to donate a minimum of $5 to cover supplies and utilities. (its one of those donate what you can sort of events)

1112 2nd Street!

Here are some photos from last year!

And some links to things to inspire you!

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