Holiday Hacknight Schedule

Greetings Hackers and Makers!

Just as a FYI Quelab will not be officially open for hacknights Sunday the 25th or Sunday the 1st,  Due to member holiday obligations.  This does not mean the lab has to be closed. But just dont expect it to be open (feel free to drive by and if the open sign is on, there may be someone in there! (or recently was)If there are any bored members who need a place to slip away and hack feel free to post to the members list,  or to the forums that you will have the place open. It will be up to you to make sure the place is locked up at the end of the night.

Otherwise hope to see some of you Tuesday the 27th,  for our post holiday new gadget show&tell / boxingday old gadget give away, and hacknight.

Normal Hacknight schedule will resume January 3rd, and will continue as usual on the Tuesdays and Sundays Schedule (until we get enough critical mass of members and projects to support additional hacknights/hackdays!)

Our next board meeting,(for board and members) Will be Sunday January 8th, 5-6pm,  and our planning/public meeting will be 6:30-7:30  Also on January 8th, please try and come we need input!

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to email us (its in the contact us section)

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