ABQ Sprout

ABQ Sprout
sponsors a dinner where people present grant proposals.
The winning proposal takes home the bulk of the money charged for the dinner.
The winning proposal usually has some “benefit to the community”.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday, Jan 22 (extended one week). They do not have many proposals!

If you want to propose, go for it!

If you have an idea that Quelab can propose, please let us know, and
perhaps we can work together on a Quelab proposal.

Either way, I hope some of us can attend, and if any of the proposals
seem like they could be assisted by Quelab, we can offer support.

They need volunteers, contact them if you can help.
Support kitchen staff is needed, and if you are not “certified”
you will need to attend a food service training which is being
offered for free to volunteers.

They also need donations of dishes, glasses, and flatware.
If you have dishes, or know of a restaurant changing their
settings, PLEASE let them know.

About Mr.What

Electrical Engineer, working in Software Engineering for 20+ years. Wants to do more low level hardware and embedded work. Also interested in metal work.

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