Success! Indiegogo Campaign Fully Funded and 30+ hours remain

SUCCESS! We did it!

With only 38 hours left in our campaign to finance our move, We’ve Done It! And we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to all of our members, our friends, and most especially to our backers!

Now, we can concentrate on stretch goals and conducting the move itself. The following “Wish List” items have all been mentioned as important pieces of the new location.

  • Laser cutter (hobby sized): $2000
  • Installed kitchen: $700
  • Library shelves: $300

If you continue to help us fund these items, we’ll have an even more awesome hackerspace and makerspace here in Albuquerque!

And, we’d like to invite you to help out with the packing, with the moving, and with the unpacking. Over the last few years, we’ve collected a lot of things, so rather than trying to make this one day of chaos, we’re looking at breaking it up in to three days:

  • 10 November: The Prodigious Packing (wherin Quelab is reduced to Boxes)
  • 17 November: The Commodious Cartage (wherein Quelab is transported)
  • 24 November: The Inaugural Hack-Night at the new Campus (The “Unboxing”)

So between now and then, we’ll hope you all enjoy Quarantine:ABQ staged by Blackout Theatre in our new space, and then come and see us through the move and into our next iteration… Quelab 2.0!